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    Deep Linking/URLKit for Tree


      Does anyone know if its possible (and if so, how) to use Deep Linking and URLKit to take a user to a particular node in a tree and open that branch item?




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          DHTVP Level 1

          Anyone? Please? Any thoughts?

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            aaaaand? what? nobody knows how to implement urlkit to Tree?

            UPD: oh. sorry. i fix it in my head))

            UPD2:hmm, fix it not enough


            i use this...

            protected function tree_changeHandler(event:ListEvent):void



            stringa =tree.selectedItem.@name;




            <url:UrlValueRule id="Rule" stringValue="{stringa}" sourceValue="tree.selectedIndex" change="stringa = Rule.stringValue" urlFormat="|*" defaultValue="0"/>



            ... for my Tree and its change url, but when i enter my new url in browser its reset url and spit in my face...

            ps:leaving one of stringValue/sourceValue don't make it work.
            maybe this forum have some people who implement urlkit for Tree well?