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    Combining Single Source Layouts

      I have a couple of questions.

      First, can you build single-source layouts without using any "NOT" expressions? As in, just build SingleSourceA with ConBuildA variables?

      Second, is there any way to combine multiple builds without having to define each layout? So that, if I send in User A who I want to see ConBuildA and ConBuildB variables, do I have to define layout SingleSourceAB, or can I somehow combine SingleSourceA and SingleSourceB?

      The reason I ask is that I'm developing help for a system where there are 15 different roles that users can have, which define what pages they can see and what they can see on the pages. The users can have any number of different roles. I would really like to be able to build a help system for them in context, so that if they have Roles 1-5, they only see the help documentation applicable for those roles.
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          Sounds like you should combine two things:

          1a. Create a merged project (with each child project effectively in its own folder under the mergedProjects folder.


          1b. Add "user" leaders to all topics (cba_mytopic.htm, cbb_myothertopic.htm, cbc_myfurthertopic.htm, etc.).

          2. Have your developers set up privileges based on either folder names from 1a or file names from 1b.

          That way, you only have to generate one, complete help system. The user's IT folks would assign user privileges based on your developers' work.

          Good luck,