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    Radio Button names are lost when merging into spreadsheet


      I've created a .pdf form which includes many types of dropdown menus, text boxes,  radio buttons, etc..


      All the non-radio buttons export properly to the 'report.csv' file when using  Forms>Manage Form Data>Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet


      For example, I have a customer field that comes accross as filename.customer[0] in the 'report.csv' file.


      However, all the radiobuttons come accross as filename.RadioButtonList[#] so I don't know which radio button is being referred to - the name is lost.


      In the liveCycleDesigner, I've given all the radio buttons names, but they don't get exported to the 'report.csv' file.


      What can I do so the radio button names appear in the 'report.csv' file when I merge form data?


      I'm using Live Cycle 8.2