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      I downloaded the latest August release - however the lccs.rb file seems to be missing from the serverIntegration/ruby directory.

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          Hironmay Level 4

          That is very strage. I just downloaded now to be doubly sure and I could see the lccs.rb. I am attaching it here for your reference


          Hope this helps


          Hironmay Basu

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            kemmott Level 1

            Ha, I thought so too - I did the install from the Air App - the LCCS SDK Navigator updated it self, and then I had it do the SDK install...


            Thanks for attaching the file.

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              Just looked in the the serverIntegration directory and didn't see the lccs.rb file.  Have there been any updates to it since Hironmay posted the version in this thread back in August?




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                Raff. Adobe Employee

                serverIntegration/ruby/lccs.rb. I just checked the latest download and it's there


                (you may have updated your SDK and something failed unpacking the payload.zip file - I have just noticed that in my "payload" folder the file was missing. We'll have to try to reproduce this case)



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                  tracedwax Level 1

                  Just tried a couple more times (on mac and on windows) and lccs.rb still wasn't included.  Could you please let me know where I could download payload.zip directly, and/or attach lccs.rb?


                  Thanks again,


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                    Raff. Adobe Employee

                    If you go to "portal.collaboration.adobelivecycle.com", after logging in, you can click on the big "SDK Download" button on the right.


                    You'll be presented two options: choose the second one (Download just the SDK Contents Zip). Click on it and you should be able to download a file "payload.zip". Unpack it in an empty folder and in there you should have the serverIntegrations/ruby folder.