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      • 40. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
        MarioMari Newcomer

        No options: redefine styles !?


        Despite the introduction of major Apperance palette where you can see all the features of graphic style is not an option redefines the editing style!?


        In practice,

        - select the style that I want to change.

        - Apperance palette appears to me the name and style features

        - But when I make modifications I do not know which style editing?

        - I can not click the option redefine styles as in other programs?


        - I have to remember changeable style name, and update it by drag&drop.

        What if my job is 50 styles? even with a dozen or so this is a problem. Simple option redefines oszczdziła to some of your valuable time and possibly mistakes. As in other Adobe programs.


        It's annoying, because once again you have to specifically enable the range of graphic styles, although you have the style list view by a bar CONTROL.


        New options Control options for cool bar, pallet Apperance but not completely used and little-changing practice of using Illustartora. Only in advertising the new version.

        This approach is not professional and it is not fair to the end for me how many of the examples listed above.

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          MarioMari Newcomer

          The Isolate mode is a very good idea except that the importedto Illustartora without heart and understanding of the philosophy of the work done infreehand.



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            MarioMari Newcomer

            Instead, the new tool Array. It would be enough to add the ability to type percentages in the move.

            Two advantages of this solution:

            1. quickly moves the object relative to each other

            2. scaling of the mother object automatically maintains distanceproportional


            more: Re: Array tool

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              MarioMari Newcomer

              Do you really could not be a function called in a different way?

              Can not create a single universal Transform window?

              I have to remember exactly where there is an additional feature: COPY TRANSFORM OBJECT PATTERN , Move to a specified vector?


              Why is it all still is so confusing?

              it really that "flowers" have to be a trademark of Illustrator?





              Why here e is the field of multiple copies?


              Menu Effects/Distort&Transform/Transform...
              Why is there no possibility of entering a very important percentage in the case when I want to make multiple proportional transformation?
              Press enter when the selected object.
              "Distance + Angle"
              It does not give the same effect as "Move+Angle" in the window Transform Each?
              Why only in this window ran wheel to the angle of the intuitive?
              Control Bars:
              Why in the Transform palette, there are no quick icons to restrictions ONLYOBJECT PATTERN ONLY, and you could also add the information in theyellowtooltip for short kalwiszowym "~" only to transform patterns.
              In that window would be nice to add a circle to the angle of the intuitive...
              Why is it all still is so confusing?
              I'm using a set of Adobe Master and many other third-party programs.
              Illustrator is a powerful program but it clearly lags behind in terms ofdeliberate use. Nothing has changed for many years.
              Great idea Appearance panel has been relegated to the role of the nextpanel.
              Great idea Appearance panel has been relegated to the role of the nextpanel. It was introduced in version CS4 and e-mail hope rowinie in CS5.Now I hope that it will develop in CS6. But knowing the previous versions, I know that this might be an option CS10 such as arrowheads and theposition of the stroke path.
              I still believe that Illustrator will succeed as a PS or INDD. AE, FL will not only forcedchoice package CS
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                MarioMari Newcomer

                Use of graphic styles.


                - add graphic style attribute to object
                - create symbol


                - now in the panel of graphic styles, use the option "Select all unused styles".
                - The Illustrator also select to me the style that is stored in the symbol!?
                - sure that styles are not used for absenting


                - Surprise. My style used in a variety of symbols, ceased to exist.


                   All the graphics of a given style of lost connections. All I have add style again for all images in the project...


                The same trap brush, swatches. A real bomb for designer!

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                  MarioMari Newcomer


                  Illustrator offers large possibilities of creation but the way they use and the proposedorganization of work for me from a time when there were only a few simple tools. UIrequires a rethink of scenarios more advanced projects.

                  As I try to demonstrate this in this thread does not see a clear key logic.

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                    MarioMari Newcomer

                    When I create a model pattern of the visible field confining bounding box.
                    Great. It works very well.


                    When I create a pattern brush bounding box works in a different way as a scheme to repeat the pattern?


                    As this is confusing? Illustrator by me like "flowers" kills my time.
                    Let me add that I'm working with Illustrator for many years but this is not the only app which I use to create their work and always falling into the blind alleysIllustrator.

                    • 48. Re: Panel "Graphic Style" in Illustrator should be called "library style".
                      MarioMari Newcomer

                      Panel "Graphic Style" in Illustrator should be called "library style".


                      The current name is completely misleading. Another good idea which for some reason has not been finalized.


                      Really missing in Illustrator graphic styles of acting on the principles of the style of text in word processing. This tool is tested on many years of working with styles.

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                        MarioMari Newcomer

                        Unlock object cmd shortcut alt+cmd+2 to unlock all objects on a layer - OK. + isalso unlock all layers - WRONG.


                        In practice, working on multiple layers, so I block to the other layers, eg do notput on them by the case of new facilities.


                        This seems obvious but stillnot been repaired?


                        Why you have not added the option "unlock only in this layer that I havecurrently selected in the Layers palette"?

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                          MarioMari Newcomer

                          Function Unlock All

                          Selection Ai is sometimes a chore.
                          Often so I help myself ListedLock object.

                          To unlock it again when you select an object I use Unlock All


                          However, this option unlocks me also blocked other objects.This is a very time-consuming.


                          llustrator is why so much is notpractical???


                          According to me:

                          It was enough to add the option to unlock the last blocked.
                          Add option eg to the shortcut Shift + alt + ctrl + 2 and would have little problem remedied.


                          Or you just get the first accelerators unlocks furtherblocked by the history of objects blocked.

                          • 51. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                            MarioMari Newcomer

                            Another thing underdeveloped... CS4

                            Until now this has not been fixed.


                            1. Creat new actions

                            2. select RECORD new actions

                            3. save as PDF with artboard nr ex. 1.

                            4. STOP recods.


                            5. Close and open again the dock.


                            6. Play records - CRASH!


                            Illustrator is also not able to remember the options selected in the menu save as PDF.


                            This is not good.

                            How can I be sure that another new feature in the new version of Ai will work fine?


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                              MarioMari Newcomer

                              Using bitmaps in using Brush tool - as it is possible to Corel DrawPainter X

                              • 53. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                                MarioMari Newcomer

                                The use of hardware acceleration in Illustrator and effects OpenGL, OpenCL.

                                • 54. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                                  MarioMari Newcomer


                                  • 55. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                                    MarioMari Newcomer

                                    OK. I turned off the display of the beam control and application. Jobs did not become simpler, but it is predictable and not end up dead ends and frustrations why there is not this or that ..; (



                                    Strange these solutions in Adobe Illustrator ...

                                    • 56. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?

                                      Ok man, why nobody from here answer you?

                                      You got great Ideas!!

                                      • 57. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                                        MarioMari Newcomer

                                        Hi hubertpires,


                                        good question ;}

                                        • 58. Re: Qvo vadis My Palette?
                                          hubertpires Newcomer

                                          This is very unfair. So you have a lot of work and no one in this forum appreciates your work?

                                          I like the forum, sometimes helps me a lot at my job. But I'm looking now at your brilliant work that would help all the adobe users a lot, and it's resumed on this?

                                          If I were in your shoes I would report this situation. You got my support!

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