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    pure IP multicast with peerToPeerDisabled = true

    Michal Ganko Level 1

      Hi, All. I'm trying to use p2p connection with IP multicast over LAN without Cirrus. I want to use gs.peerToPeerDisabled = true; however with no luck so far.


      Like FMS docs say I run receiving app:

      var gs:GroupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier("com.adobe.pureIPMulticastGroup");
      gs.multicastEnabled = true;
      // Prevents the P2P permission dialog from appearing.
      gs.peerToPeerDisabled = true;
      // Receive multicast stream on port 30000
      var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc, gs.groupspecWithAuthorizations());


      It's not working, but when I change gs.peerToPeerDisabled into 'false' it begins work.
      I understood from docs that it works in fusion multicast mode. When checking NetStreamMulticastInfo.bytesReceivedFromIPMulticast it is always 0, so no packets are sended by IP multicast mode. NetStreamMulticastInfo.bytesPushedFromPeers has a value which means it sends data in Application-level multicast mode.


      How to initialize pure IP multicast mode with gs.peerToPeerDisabled = true? Did I missed something?