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    [Flex4.1 - LCDS] Form load error with states

    mdecler Level 1

      Hi all!


      Been using LCDS (livecycle Data Service) for about a week now and i'm loving it!


      Have a problem tho. I have an application with 5 states. All states work flawlessly. In 1 state I load a component that holds CRUD data (datagrid + LiveCycle powered form).


      When I set the state that holds the component as startstate and run the application, all works like a charm. When I set a differend state (one that doesn't have the CRUD component) as a start state, the application runs fine, but when i navigate to the state that holds the CRUD component, all goes wrong. Datagrid wont load data, form doesn't work and buttonskins stop working (in all states).


      When I remove the LCDS powered CRUD form from the loaded component and run the application, all works fine. In all states, with differend start states.


      On the network monitor within flash builder, I can see that the data is requested from the server and the server gives correct response.


      What's going on?!