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    open a file in photoshop from indesign



      I been trying to open a photo from indesign to photoshop.

      I loop through the selected graphic boxes  which I get the path to the images.

      I can get the path easy enough but opening them in photoshop is another matter. I been reading about Bridgetalk, but can't seem to figureout how to get bridgetalk to load the images into photoshop.



      using CS3



      if (app.documents.length != 0){
          if (app.activeWindow.activeSpread.pageItems.length != 0){
           for (i = app.selection.length-1; i >= 0 ; i--) {
               if(app.selection[i].graphics.length != 0)
                            var  myGraphic =   app.selection[i].graphics.item(0) ;              
                            var myLink = myGraphic.itemLink;
                            var myLinkName = myLink.name;
                            var myLinkFile = File(myLink.filePath);
                            var bt = new BridgeTalk.launch("photoshop");


                         } //end if                
          } //end for loop
          }//end first if
          else {
              alert("The active spread does not contain any page items.");
      }// end second if
          alert("No documents are open. Please open a document and try again.");