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    bugs, requests & feedback

    Echo XU

      9.0 version cannot jump to specific page

      There is multi-touch bugs everywhere

      Does not support encrypted or password protected pdfs

      there is no search

      the animation is buggy and disappointing

      the double taping zooming is tooo large~~

      toooooo slow loading page


      better if we can pin any file to the home screen

      better if it support reflow mode

      better if support rotate

      better if support viewing bookmark

      better if we can share the file by email

      better if we can copy text

      better if we can jump from the intra-link

      fantastic if we can highlight:-) Hahh, I know this is only a fantasy.......lol


      and the most important is the font error!!!! it happened both in Windows Phone 7 Platform and Android platform!!!!!


      Hope u could including some these features in the next update:-)


      Great honour to be able use this software!

      High respect and grateful to all the staff who join this development!

      Thank u for everything u do for even a little improvement!



      With Kind Regards.

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          Has anyone figured out how to share a PDF on a windows 7.5 phone? I need to email a PDF on my Samsung Focus to make available for printing, etc.  If not it will cost me $65 to get a hardcopy.  I'd rather not spend $65 no a file I already have. Thanks guys/gals.