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    ADT error "File [file] is not relative to directory [output]"

    Pea Community Member

      Has anybody come accross this error before when adding files to include to via ADT?


      For example:


      adt -package -target ipa-test -storetype pkcs12 -keystore my.p12 -storepass mypass
      -provisioning-profile my.mobileprovision my.ipa my-app.xml
      my.swf icons Default.png  "../../../resources/fonts/FutuBd_.ttf"


      In this case I am trying to include a file in the archive that is relative to the output directory.

      My output directory is:




      My font is in:




      However I get the error:


      File ../../../resources/fonts/FutuBd_.ttf is not relative to directory c:\projects\game\resources\fonts\FutuBd_ttf


      But it actually is! 

      Anybody have any idea?