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    HMRC website.


      Hi I'm struggling viewing adobe files on the HMRC website & consequently unable to print forms such as the P60s.  I'm using Windows Vista & Adobe X & windows explorer browser.  When I click the link on the website a blank page is displayed in the browser.  I have tried all the fixes listed on this website without success such as deselecting/reselecting display PDF in browser, ensuring "add-on" is enabled in browser etc.  I've tried repaiting adobe & I've even uninstalled X & reinstalled 9 & 8 versions of adobe all without success.  Can anyone help?

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          I'm having exactly the same problem.  Have managed to complete other forms online but cannot open P60s. I've tried Adobe X Adobe 8&9. HMRC talked me through everything I need to do on Internet Options but it still doesn't work and they are unable to help any further and adivse contacting Adobe - I phoned their UK number but after 20 minutes they still hadn't answered.  Driving me mad!  This is obviously a significant problem for lots of people.

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            pwillener Level 8

            Since I have no idea what the "HMRC website" is, there is no way I can figure out what the problem might be...

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              "HMRC" is the UK govt revenue and customs department - www.hmrc.gov.uk



              The sample copy of P60 (without fillable form fields) views just fine on our test machines ( http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ebu/p60single-2010.pdf ) but it's impossible for us to verify those resulting from online filings, as of course without doing one we can't download anything. Whatever's causing the problem it is likely to be an issue with the HMRC website rather than with Adobe Reader, so you should contact them directly. If necessary HMRC can contact Adobe for support, though this will have to be done formally given the lack of public access to test files.

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                Wild'un Level 1

                SUCCESS!!  In order to print P60s using internet explorer you must:

                Go to tools in internet options, select advanced tab, under security ensure the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is ticked, then click OK.

                Also open adobe reader X, go to edit - preferences, go to internet, uncheck "Display pdf in browser, click ok.  Finally in adobe reader select Help, select repair adobe reader installation, follow instructions, restart your computer.  Then return to HMRC website & you should be able to save the adobe file to your computer & then print. Unfortunately you have to save each P60 file to your computer & then print which is a bit of a pain.

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                  Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Unfortunately you have to save each P60 file to your computer & then print which is a bit of a pain.

                  Or use a other browser.

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                    You got me all excited there.  Sadly the fix didn't work for me :(  Any more ideas?  Cheers, Ian

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                      I had the same kind of error - unable to open website. I noticed IE was not displaying save option on download window but you must save not open. Thought this may be source of error. Switched to using another browser as Bernd suggested. I used Mozilla and it worked first time.