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    Epub bug

    SteveC100 Level 1

      I made a whole bunch 'a epubs today and found a pretty painful bug. When you generate a book with a Table of Contents ID screws up "space after" paragraph styles and changes (shortens) them pretty dramatically. Some styles are okay, some arent'. I have no idea why some get screwed up and other don't. (This is in ID / CS4)


      Output your book without a TOC and all the spacing looks great. Output with a TOC and you get the munged space-after and the thing looks much worse. Open up the epub and examine the stylesheet and sure enough, it's changed.


      This is also true if you use the Kindle output scripts.


      I can get into the epub stylesheet and edit it, but I can't see how to get into a mobi file and edit its style sheet.


      Anybody have any suggestions? Beyond waiting for (and buying) CS5.5?





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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Space after in an epub is handled with a margin for the element in question.


          And even if it is a bug, you'll never see that kind of thing fixed in an older version.


          5.5 should be out very soon and it's definitely worth waiting for. Are you using ID in a suite or stand alone?



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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            Perhaps one of the upsides to CS5's implementing EPUB export in JavaScript is that theoretically we could fix any bugs that popped up. With CS5.5, I guess that possibility all goes away... hopefully there will be no bugs.


            (Though it doesn't look like We as a Community made much use of that possibility).


            The obvious answer is "you can try CS5." Of course CS5.5 has better support, but I gather CS5's EPUB support is better than CS4...

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The reason I asked about the suite is that if you're going to upgrade now is the time. You'll save money AND have both CS5 and CS5.5.


              Here's how:


              1. Buy the CS4 to CS5 upgrade: http://amzn.to/gnJOD9

              for $579.


              2. Check out this page on Adobe's site to get a free CS5.5 upgrade: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/153/tn_15304.html


              The CS4 to CS5.5 upgrade is going to be about $100 more if you wait AND you won't have CS5 in case you need to be compatible with someone who does.



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                SteveC100 Level 1

                Thanks, guys.


                I have the student version of Design Premium. I'm not really eager to go through the hassle of upgrading twice, when 5.5 is so much better and will be out in three weeks (?) but I'll think about it.


                What I would probably do is go to the student version of Design Standard. Or just get the free 30-day trial of ID only.


                One question I had -- if I get Design Standard (or ID) do I get to keep the other apps from Design Premium (namely Dreamweaver)?


                The reason I hesitate to for the full upgrade is that I'm finishing this project. When the .mobi file goes out the door I'm done for a while. (Hopefully!)


                Any suggestions?


                Thanks again,


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                  SteveC100 Level 1

                  Also -- you guys wouldn't have any idea why I now have to use Safari to access these discussions, would you?


                  If I use Firefox, which I prefer, I only see the first message in the thread -- the original question. All of the replies just don't appear. In Safari it works fine. I tried Firefox in Safe mode. No change.



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    SteveC100 wrote:


                    One question I had -- if I get Design Standard (or ID) do I get to keep the other apps from Design Premium (namely Dreamweaver)?


                    Yes. Student licenses are perfectly valid and can either be upgraded to regular commercial licenses at teh next version, or left alone and used in that version forever. There are no "student upgrades" (education prices for the softeware are already lower than the upgrade prices), and the student packages cannot be transfereed to a new user.

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Are you still eligible for student pricing? If not, you're way better off doing the upgrade now, but it's your call...and yes, the CS4 apps are untouched when upgrading.