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    Problem opening PrE 9 project created on Mac in Windows


      Hi, I recently migrated from a Mac to Windows 7, and am having problems opening my project files on the Windows computer. I created several PrE9 projects on my Mac, but now I need to open some of these files on a PC with Windows 7. I get the error message "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements." I have successfully opened other CS5 project files (AI, PS) on both platforms. This is the first I've seen Adobe files open on Mac but not PC.


      So, assuming this is going to be impossible, can I export from the Mac version of PrE to Windows? Is cross-platform collaboration impossible with PrE 9? That doesn't seem likely. What am I missing?


      I have some title animations that I created on the Mac that I would really like to reuse in new Windows projects moving forward. I hope I don't have to recreate them from scratch!


      Thanks for any help.