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    When do surfaces get uploaded to VRAM / removed from VRAM?

    greengnu Community Member

      Hello! I'm aware of the differences of cacheAsBitmap and cacheAsBitmapMatrix and when to use them. However, can someone answer me the following questions?


      1. If I set cacheAsBitmap=true - when does the DisplayObject get rendered into a bitmap? at the next screen update or when the object is next time actually visible on the stage?


      2. same question for VRAM upload. If i set cacheAsBitmap=true - at what moment does the bitmap get uploaded to the GPU? right after it got rendered or only when it next time appears on the screen?


      3. if I set cacheAsBitmap=false - does the texture get removed from VRAM instantly?


      4. what happens if a DisplayObject that has cacheAsBitmap=true is set to visible=false. Will the texture persist in VRAM memory?



      of course the questions apply when GPU rendering is used.