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    Flash video in Acrobat X makes scrolling document slow or freeze after playing


      I am running an HP Intel Core i7 CPU   @2.8 GHz, with 8 GB memory and the 64 bit Windows 7 operating system and using Google Chrome and a Nvidia GeForce GT 220 graphics card that shows:


      Total available graphics memory 4095 MB

      Dedicated Video Memory: 1024MB

      System Video Memory: 0MB

      Shared System memory: 3071MB


      I made a PDF and inserted a 1 minute flash video into the PDF which has about 3 pages of text.


      1.  I scroll down to the flash video with no problem...


      2. I click on the flash vid and it starts to play, no problem.


      3.  After it is playing I start to scroll up and down to the other pages and it is fine for a while, but then sometimes the scolling freezes and cannot scroll any more.  Also right after the video stops and I try to scroll the scrolling gets stuck.  So it hangs for a few seconds but then once the video is stopped I can scroll up and down fine again.


      The scrolling limitation appears to be related to the fact the video is playing.  But My PC and graphics card are not what I woudl consider 'slow' or out dated.


      It seems like quite a bad thing to happen for anyone who reads such a document and plays the video and then decides to start scrolling again to read the text below it.


      Leads to a bad user experience...


      Does this happen to everyone else out there?

      Is there a fix for this?