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    Story Updated

    AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

      Adobe Story was updated today with the following new features and bug fixes:


      1. You can now lock and omit scenes
      2. Char contd are now customizable
      3. You can now import images into AV and Multicolumn scripts
      4. You will now receive edit notifications for shared document


      And more.



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          Hi Anubhav,

                              When I try to use Adobe Story online there is nothing on the new story.adobe.com page that I can use to actually access the Adobe Story program. When I try to use the desktop application it is just blank, nothing loads and I dont get the usual log on screen to use it.


          Is there anything I can do to use Story again, or is it just a problem at Adobe's end?


          Best regards,



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            Ali Abbas Rizvi

            Hi Gareth


            We are sorry to hear that you are facing such an issue. Could you please try clearing your browser's cache and see if you notice any difference.

            Also, it would be helpful for us to know as to which platform (Mac/PC) and browser you are using to access Story.


            Do let us know if your situation improves or persists.




            Adobe Story Team