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    Error #2046: The loaded file did not have a valid signature in flex 4

    bucpatr1 Level 2

      As part of our CI build, the ant script that builds the client side (flex 4) projects also runs a set of FlexUnit4 tests on the deployed project. Most of the tests work but a few fail with this error



      http://local.foo.com/bar/com/blah/components/someComponent/framework_4.1.0.16076.swz failed to load.

      Error #2046: The loaded file did not have a valid signature.


      The build machine is running Ununtu 10.10 with Firefox 3.6 and Flashplayer 10.2. If I run  the exact same set of tasks, accessed from the same URL in windows everything passes with no problem. After some searching I did run across this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2747415#2747415 but when I went looking for the libflashsupport.so file mentioned, the Ubuntu docs seemed to indicate that it was no longer needed.


      I'm at my wits end here. Is libflashsupport.so actually needed in Ubuntu 10.10 and if so where would I find it? If not does anyone know of another issue that could be responsible for this?