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    I would like the ability to save a thumbnail preview for use by the OS on image export.

    Edward Jordan Photography



      I have been using Lightroom for about three years and one of the many features I would like to see is the ability to save a thumbnail for the image while exporting an  image.  This is an option available in other leading software, and also happens when you save an image in Photoshop.  It isn't a huge issue when using a Mac because you have the option for the finder to force an image preview.  It is however an issue when your client uses Windows since the OS doesn't allow the user to force a thumbnail preview.


      The client is king, especially with the economy and market the way that it is.  If the client wants thumbnails on their images in their OS, the photographer needs to be able to deliver.  I don't expect myself or any other photographer to have to open files in Photoshop and save them to force a thumbnail for the image.


      This software is in no way as expensive as Photoshop and it does have amazing features, but it is also not cheap and is intended for working professionals.