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    Data from excel or xml into livecycle designer form

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      I have an excel spreadsheet set up to calculate average, count, max and min of some data that will be regularly altered.


      I would like to connect the spreadsheet cells to my form sop that this calculated data is imported into my form (created in Livecycle Designer).


      I have looked at numerous pages explaining connecting to databases but don't seem to be able to translate this information to relate to excel.  Could someone please help me connect these single cell pieces of data from Excel spreadsheet to my form.




      Hi again


      I am now looking at eporting the data as an xml file from excel in an attempt to make this work.  It seems to me that this should/could be possible but is just out of my grasp.  When I think I find the answer it does not hold enough detail for me to follow through with making it work


      Can anyone steer me in the right direction.


      Thanks again


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