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        What version of Dreamweaver are you using?  I was looking at possibly getting the earliest version as I don't have a lot of time to learn it.  I haven't been able to update my site in a couple of months between our move to another state, getting settled in and then dealing with a new pc with Windows 7.  HomeSite was so easy to learn, there was barely no learnig curve.  What is the HTML-Kit for?


        Thanks for all the info!

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          WebPositions Level 1

          One thing is for certain... you will NOT pick up any version of Dreamweaver and immediately become proficient with it. There is a huge learning curve (sorry, Adobe) associated with it. Granted, once you learn it you will have the industry leading web development tool at your back, but it doesn't come quick or easy.


          If you really want something very similar to Homesite that you are already familiar with, check out Coffee Cup HTML Editor at http://www.coffeecup.com/html-editor/. There is even a free version you can download.


          It is not as good as Homesite was and not even in the same league as Dreamweaver but it may suit your immediate needs for a Win 7 compatible tool.

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            Sqrlz Level 1

            64bit Windows 7


            I had to install 5.0 as administrator and I always have to run as administrator on Windows 7

             but it does work!


            see instructions posted by: WmSchwartz


            reply 2. Apr 22, 2010 6:40 AM 


            That worked for me!


            Make sure your graphics drivers are updated!

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              I just bought a new Windows 7 machine, found my old Homesite 5.0 exe file and installed the program without any hitches what so ever?? The program runs just like it always did on my old XP machine.

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                tfall@fallcomm.com Level 1

                I agree....DreamWeaver is not my favorite editor....I like looking at code and found HTML-kit editor good.  I also have Coffeecup but often need to edit directly on a server and never had very much luck editing directly on the server using coffeecup.com

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                  Sqrlz Level 1

                  I have used Dreamweaver like for some quick an dirty stuff but it is heavy on the dirty and really tries to make way too

                  many assumptions - alas it is not homesite. I have found that the editor for CSE Validator is good and use it on other

                  computers where I do not have Homesite running.


                  It also looks like Bluefish may be good - anyone using that?

                  bluefish dot openoffice dot nl

                  in case this link does not work:


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                    I got it to work, Help, by right clicking on the .exe or even its shortcut and

                    choosing "Run as administrator." I have had no problems since then.


                    But considering the mysteries of computers, I can't guarantee the same for you.

                    Good luck.



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                      Perhaps part of my problem in getting Homesite to work in Windows 7 is that I am trying to install a 5.0 update over 4.5 (I think). Maybe that is what is causing it to fail, even under Run as Administrator or Compatibility Mode.


                      Does anyone have an original Homesite 5.x installation CD they would be willing to part with so I could give this one last attempt? I'd be happy to pay for it.


                      Thanks in advance.


                      John Hutchinson


                      Web Positions Internet Services

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                        Thanks to the kind assistance of paddybates and others on this forum, I was able to get Homesite 5.0 running on my Windows 7 box. Exactly why it is working now, I don't know, but I'm not arguing with success!



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                          Wow, I'm amazed that my fellow Homesite users are having problems and would have replied to this thread a long time ago if I'd known.


                          I had absolutely no problem putting Homesite 5.5+ on my Windows 7 64 bit system when I bought it last October. It just installed without incident.


                          BUT: Although I've been using Homesite for many years, I used possibly the last version available(???) on a CD of Studio MX my partner had bought to use Dreamweaver. I'm wondering if that makes a difference?


                          I'm more than happy to look at the exact versions involved, but please be assured that 5.5+ can run perfectly well on Windows 7. Don't know what I'd have done if it hadn't!


                          I'm not in the habit of frequenting these forums, so if you reply and I don't answer, try me at baxtertim at hotmail.com.

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                            webgal Level 1

                            I've been using Homesite for ages, and although I still have HS on my Vista machine at work, I switched to Macs at home a few years ago - so that limited me -

                            Unitl I recently when installed VMware 3 and Windows 7 Ultimate on my quad-core Xeon mac pro - 12 gigs of memory. I didn't push it by trying 64bit mode - I installed 32 bit Win7 as I have other tools that I knew were just 32bit mode - and - I have limited time to play with all of this.


                            But after dancing around a bit with Compatability mode and run as Admin - (thanks to everyone who has been posting Vista and Win7 tips here) I can now fire up Homesite 5.5 under Win7 on my Mac pro as needed - woohoo!

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                              I've followed the advice given here and installed HS 5.5 as administrator, and have compatibility set to run as admin and xp sp2. My problem is that upon starting HS, I get the activate screen, and even though there's a green check for the serial and I've entered my name, the OK button remains greyed out. I called support and received two pieces of information. One, the program is not supported, and two, there's a file that must be deleted to start HS without the activate window. Hmm.


                              What I'm wondering is if I should enter the registry keys manually to get around this issue. I see a place for the serial in user>software>macromedia>homesite, which I entered, but no other place, and nothing in local machine. This didn't help.


                              Has anyone else had this OK button issue? I've reinstalled all the software that ran on XP Pro box without problem, and now I'm down to this last application. I want to get HS running. Any advice?

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                                MrDave007 Level 1

                                Have not read all the replies yet, but I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit and Homesite works just fine.

                                I've had no problems what-so-ever.


                                Also use Adobe Photoshop CS5 wouldn't trade that program for a million bux...


                                Example of work:


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                                  I got it running Win 7 64-bit also by running the installation as administrator, but somehow I'm missing some options in the interface.

                                  I remember that you could reset the homesite interface layout, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

                                  Anyone remember how it was done?

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                                    Shortly after it was introduced in 2009, I upgraded to W7 (Ultimate x64) from W2K (I never cared for XP or Vista) and had no problems installing and running apps like Homesite 5.5+ as a native install from the C:\Program Files (x86)\... folder. Ditto with AutoCAD 2002 and a few other favorites that I was reluctant to abandon.


                                    Fast forward a couple of years to January, 2013. Every year or two, I like to reload the PC from scratch using the original W7 set-up disc. This time, after re-installing the same version of W7 from the same disc, Homesite wouldn't install or run as usual. However, I was able to install it under XP Virtual PC Mode. The issue for me was that running older apps in XP Mode slows down the open and close time, because you now have to open (or close) the Virtual XP environment first.


                                    After some experimentation, the explanation seems to be that sometime in 2011 or 2012 a Windows update changed the W7 native environment (sorry, I don't know which one). I found that if I made a clean install from my original 3+ year old W7 disc and installed Homesite before applying all of the W7 updates, I had no problems and it worked as usual under W7, as it did under W2K. However, if I upgraded the OS with all of the 200+ W7 updates prior to installing the older apps, they could only be installed and run in XP Mode.


                                    Naturally, if you bought a PC anytime in the past year or so with W7 pre-loaded, you probably have a version with the latest updates, so your only recourse is to run Homesite in XP Mode. But if you have an early version, try installing Homesite right after the first clean install, but before applying any updates. It worked for me.

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                                      mixsetup Level 1

                                      I have it working on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit edition.

                                      I opened the CD to explore the files I opened the Homesite 5 folder and ran the setup file in there.  It seemed to install and work.

                                      I then ran the 5.2 update

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                                        I have been using Homesite since about 1998. I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and can no longer find the install file for home site. I have the serial number/license for version 4.0.1, but have no way to install it on my fresh copy of Windows (assuming that version will actually install in Win7). I tried moving all the files and registry entries from the old install of Windows over to Windows 7, but that didn't work well. If anybody has the install file, I would appreciate it if I could get a copy. Thanks!

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