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    Adobe QT32 Server.exe - System Error

    joe bloe premiere Level 5

      About 4-5 weeks ago I started getting these very
      intermittent error messages on two different systems.
      Always on launch of either Pr or En, and never in Ae.
      The error always appears at "Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.prm".




      This error message is now becoming more frequent.
      Neither editing system runs any anti-virus or security software.
      One system is running QuickTime7.6.9, the other 7.6.6.
      All other relevant software is identically configured.


      Processes at boot:



      Processes at Premiere error:



      Processes at Media Encoder error:



      There seems to be no rhyme or reason to
      the timing of when the error messages appear.
      Oddly enough, when the error appears, it always takes
      clicking "ok" six times to clear, but there does not seem
      to be any detrimental effect within either program.


      This "six-click" oddity has led me to suspect the culprit might be
      the Avid DNxHD QuickTime codecs LE 2.3.4 I had recently installed
      on both systems.  The install includes these six QT codecs for Pr:
      Avid Meridien Compressed/Uncompressed
      Avid 1:1x
      Avid Packed
      Avid DNxHD
      Avid DV
      Avid DV100


      Regardless of whether the error message has been cleared
      six times at program start, all of the Avid codecs remain
      functional for both import & export.


      Are there permissions that need to be granted
      for these codecs at the OS level?


      My next step would be to uninstall Avid LE 2.3.4 codecs
      from both systems and see if the errors stop.


      Is anyone having a similar experience?