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    General InDesign CS5.5 EPub Issues/Thoughts

    guardaroba Level 1

      I've been playing with the EPub export feature of CS5.5 for the past day, and have a question as well as a few thoughts/feature requests. I wonder if it would be useful to have a general thread for the new EPub feature for a little while, since it will be new to most people?


      In any case, my questions: 1) Is it possible to set an object to -not- be included in the export? I assumed this would be an option in the "Object Export Options" dialogue, but it doesn't seem to be. Is this option hidden somewhere else, or is there a workaround? I have a number of objects that are used to add visual interest on the printed layout but that don't make any sense to include in an EPub/HTML export.


      2) When I get to the EPub export box there's nothing in the "Unique Identifier" field. I thought I should have the option of using one created by InDesign automatically?


      My thoughts: although it's a very welcome upgrade, does it feel to anyone else as though it's a bit half-baked? For example, the new object export options don't seem to be included in the object styles, so they have to be changed object-by-object, which isn't very nice for longer layouts.


      Similarly, you can't save different EPub/HTML export settings, which seems like a pretty basic feature to expect.


      Finally, the fact that endnotes aren't supported has been a glaring issue for a while now, but it's causing new problems now that EPub/HTML exports are easier. In print endnotes that aren't 'live' are only an issue for the layout person; in HTML 'dead' notes with no hyperlinks are pretty embarrassing.


      How have other people been finding the new EPub/HTML export features?

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          1) You control which objects are included in your EPUB export using the new Articles panel.



          2) The unique identifier field auto-fill


          • Generally you enter the EPUB isbn here.
          • However, If you leave this field empty during export InDesign will automatically generate a random Unique Identifier.
          • If you break open the EPUB file and look at the content.opf file inside you should see something like this:



          Hope this helps,




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            Would love a course on creating eBooks for iPad (ePub format) and other tablets, separate from Digital Magazine (PDF) courses, but covering the same inDesign related material/workflow (Rich Media Foundations, Basic Interactivity, Adding Audio/Video, Advanced Interactivity, Deploying and Distributing) uniquely from the standpoint of ePub.


            It seems to me that the ePub market is potentially much larger than the Digital Magazine market; there's a finite number of magazines, but an unlimited number of people toiling in home offices/small businesses who want to create eBooks for iPad, other tablets, and Kindle. Especially interested in finding out about deploying ePub formatted multimedia books to iPad and other tablets without having to go through Adobe or some super-expensive, always-escalating service like Roving Bird?


            Right now as guardaroba says, the lines between teh two are blurred. Sure Adobe is raking in teh dough from Martha Stewart and all those big magazine clients, but the real numbers, it would seem to me, are in self-publishing/small publisher ePub platform eBooks — all the issues that are different than print, with an emphasis on multimedia and design.


            There is simply no dedicated training out there that I can find.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Have you checked out Lynda.com?


              There are some good courses there. This link will get you a free seven day trial: http://bit.ly/fcGpiI



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                jjsemple Level 1

                Yes, I subscribe to Lynda, already completed the inDesign CS5.5 New Features course. The instructor is great, but the course focus leaves a lot to be desired. It suffers from the same issue this thread raised: a general muddling of Digital Magazine & ePub. Check the course out for yourself. It's an overview, not an in-depth look, which is normal since the release just occured. However, what I find frustrating is that no one — Adobe or other parties — seem to understand that Digital Magazines and ePub eBooks are two different markets.


                It's my understanding, after watching Terry White's tutorials, that CS5.5 now allows us to generate full-fledged, multimedia ePub eBooks for iPad/other tablets without having to program, then deploy them without having to go through a lot of expense. It seems that the CS5.5 allows us to do this, but nobody is putting any efort into the various ways these two solutions are different and what those differences mean in terms of using inDesign for each specific purpose.

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                  jjsemple Level 1

                  In fact, I sent a note to Lynda about their producing such a course (on ePub alone) and received this terse reply:


                  Thank you for contacting lynda.com.

                  We really appreciate hearing from you regarding ideas for educational material you'd like to see added to the Online Training Library®. Currently, we do not have InDesign CS5.5 Creating ePub eBooks training in production. However, we keep every request on file, and your request has been forwarded to our Title Development team for consideration.

                  Stay tuned to lynda.com for new releases, or keep tabs on us through the blog, our Facebook fan page, or Twitter.

                  Which seems like an aauto response, not like someone even read my note. Gee, I'm sure that by following Lynda on FB/TW, I'll learn all about inDesign CS5.5.


                  The fact that two people have raised this issue means there are probably thousand either too busy or reluctant to speak up or unable to yet formulate their feelings.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    With all due respect to Terry, who's absolutely brilliant, the stuff on Adobe TV is as much advertising as it is anything else.


                    There's nothing simple about any of this.



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                      jjsemple Level 1

                      All the more to have in-depth training, starting with general overview issues like how the folio tools fit into the ePub process, then following up with details on each and every phase of production/deployment.


                      What's more, I realize that Adobe TV is advertising, but there's a fine line between advertising and false advertising. It seemed to me that someone like myself, who's used inDesign to lay out print books, who understands multimedia technology, could learn to use inDesign for ePubs, given the proper orientation and instruction. But if you're saying that no one except an Objective C programmer can create these books, then:


                      1. Adobe has a long way to go before these tools are worth much to the experienced user.
                      2. Adobe is verging on false advertising.


                      From what I've seen some parts are not complicated. Okay, if some parts are complicated, what are they? How do you accomplish them? What tools do you need besides inDesign? How does the Content Viewer fit into to the process? The folio stuff? When do you need an iPad for testing? How do you upload your content to the Apple store?


                      It's either black magic or it isn't. It's either something an experienced inDesign user can do or it isn't? In that case, which portions have to be done by the programmer?


                      Thanks for your help...by the way.

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        The folio tools DON'T fit into the EPUB process.



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                          jjsemple Level 1

                          Thanks, Bob. Now if I could only get the rest of my questions answered, I'd be on my way...

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                            AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                            Have you seen my Lynda.com title  'InDesign CS5 to EPUB, Kindle, and the iBookstore"?



                            I will be going in to record the CS5.5 version of the same title in a few weeks. The automated response you received was disheartening, and I'll forward it on to Lynda.com. But my guess is the response is pulling from some database and my title is not far enough along in production to have made it into the title.


                            The lines are definitely blurring but there is no way you're going to get the layout control and interactivity of a tablet app into EPUB format, at least not in the next year or two.