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    File Import Error


      Cannot import MPEG-2 files into AME.

      Error message reads "Error while decompressing the source file"

      Other formats seem to work OK

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          Supefan Level 1

          What platform are you using?

          Where did you get the video file? What are it's characteristics?

          The file might be corrupt. Or you could be missing a codec.

          Are all MPEG-2 files not working for you or just this one?

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            Costarr628 Level 1

            Thanks for responding.


            Running W7Pro/64 Bit/ SP1

            Intel I5/760


            I've tried MPEG2 files from various sources, but most were rendered with

            Sony Vegas 10 Pro. at NTSC DV 720x480, 29.97fps, .9091 pixel aspect ratio.


            It seems as though the software is performing as a trial version, which

            precludes importing any MPEG files. This is new software, but it is properly



            I appreciate any feedback you might have, and will gladly provide any other

            info you may need to help me.


            Thanks again


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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              What application or bundle did AME come with? MPEG2 encoding and decoding is not available unless you're using Premiere Pro or Production Premium.

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                Supefan Level 1

                When you import a supported file and try to change the output format through the dropdown, how many options do you have?

                If it's less than let's say 6 to be safe, then it's in trial mode.

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                  Costarr628 Level 1

                  Plenty of options available. I'm hearing rumors of perhaps one or more

                  missing codecs? Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.




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                    Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                    We really need to know


                    1. Which version of AME you have.

                    2. With which application bundle AME was installed


                    The codecs you get depends on what parent application installed AME or is on your system.

                    If you have AME because you purchased and installed Flash, you get less supported formats compared to if AME was installed via Premiere Pro or one of the Production Premium suite.

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                      Costarr628 Level 1

                      This is what I thought.


                      I have Adobe media Encoder CS5

                      Version 64 Bit


                      It was bundled with Adobe Flash Professional CS5



                      If these codecs were not included with my particular version, is it possible

                      to add them?



                      Rick Starr

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                        Costarr628 Level 1

                        Bummer. I feel a bit let down by Adobe on this. Nowhere in any promo, help

                        file, tutorial, or third party manual, is this mentioned. Some might call it


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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          >  I feel a bit let down by Adobe on this. Nowhere in any promo, help

                          file, tutorial, or third party manual, is this mentioned. Some might call it




                          from "File formats supproted for export":

                          "Adobe Media Encoder is used both as a standalone application and as a component of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash Professional, Soundbooth, and Encore. The formats that Adobe Media Encoder can export depend on which of these applications are installed. The version of Adobe Media Encoder that is installed with Flash Professional can export to Flash video formats. To export to other video formats, you need the version that comes with the Production Premium or Master Collection edition, or with After Effects or Premiere Pro."


                          You're right that there isn't a similar note in the Help document for importing. That was an oversight. There's now a comment on that page of the Help document that makes this more clear.

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                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                            That is terrible advice.


                            That codec pack installs components that are known to interfere with many video applications by displacing functioning codecs with nonfunctioning ones.

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                              Alec Baldwin

                              Hi all I had the same problem. If you rename the file wildcard ie .mpg to .avi then import that may work. I have used it a few times.

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                                I'm having the same problem - using a trial version of Media Encoder 5.5 on Win 7 Professional 64bit.


                                I tried renaming the extension to AVI like Alec Baldwin suggested, and - Media Encoder FINALLY added the file to the queue.


                                I then configured my encoding options but the encoding failed with the following error:



                                So that doesn't work either.


                                Supefan, I also installed k-lite codec pack for 64 bit and it doesn't work.


                                Todd_Kopriva - do you have any suggestion as to how we might fix this ?

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                                  Rallymax-forum Level 3

                                  You can't fake out AME that way.


                                  Changing a file extension from AVI to MPG or vice versa might work to get past the quick check for file type support to add it to the queue but as soon as it goes to render or preview it's gonna crash. <...snip... technical reasons ...snip...>


                                  If you want MPEG support (or AVC for that matter) you need to be licensed for it.

                                  1: The trial doesn't have that license

                                  2: The Flash bundle doesn't either.


                                  So you have to purchase Premiere Pro or Professional Bundle.


                                  You 're trying to do something you're not licensed for.


                                  Even if you DO manage to hack the importing or exporting to work with codec packs you'll be in license violation of the patent holders if you render to MPEG or AVC so your video will be illegal (in the law sense vs the standards complying sense)

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                                    Hello, Im having the same issue. When i try to import MPG files it doesn't work. I figured it might be the version I have. I got AME as part of the Adobe Creative Suite master collection bundle. does that package support MPG imports? 

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                                      Rallymax-forum Level 3

                                      Yes, the non-trial Master Collection has the fully featured AME so you'll get MPEG import.

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                                        Tyler3650 Level 1

                                        Thank you, How do I get it to work? its saying its having a problem decoding it when i try to import.

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                                          Rallymax-forum Level 3

                                          Install MediaInfo, run it on the video and send us the text output to us.

                                          That'll give us a clue as to what the source video is. From there we can guess why it won't decode.

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                                            tibineagu Level 1



                                            So I got MediaInfo and I ran it, these are the results. Is there no standalone codec out there that I can buy and that would "comply" with Media Encoder ?





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                                              Rallymax-forum Level 3


                                              your file looks fine.

                                              tibineagu are you on a non-trial version now? As I stated above it won't work for the Trial version.


                                              btw, installing a codec to decode mpeg2 won't help. Adobe uses an internal decoder that wins the vote as to who gets to do the work. So even if you have an mpeg2 decoder codec installed it won't win.

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                                                tibineagu Level 1

                                                I have a licensed version of Flash CS5.5.


                                                So what you're telling me, is that if I don't buy Premiere or some bundle from Adobe that contains the MPEG2 codec, there's nothing I can do ?


                                                That doesn't sound right at all, I mean... Adobe aren't a closed eco-system like Apple, are they ?

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                                                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                                  This is a matter of royalties. Adobe pays a royalty for every installation that supports MPEG2 (as well as formats that use other codecs). So management for each point product that installs AME decides whether to include the full set of formats or only a limited set of non-royalty bearing codecs.

                                                  If you have one of products that installs only the limited set, then there's currently no way to add codecs--short of buying a product or suite with the full set (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Production Premium, and Master Collection). I'll submit a feature request to provide a way for customers with the limited format set to purchase the royalty-bearing codecs.

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                                                    This is bug of AME. I capture sample by eMPIA USB 2.0 Video Devices EM28xx.

                                                    Sample file: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2clLm5uvDqTWHdxclRWU29HODA


                                                    I have Flash CS5.5. (I can convert other mpeg to flv. Not license problem.)

                                                    Vista x64