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    Nice plugin for Illustrator

    John Stanowski Level 2

      Anyone using the Vector Scribe plugin from Astute Graphics yet? Holy crap, I can't believe life's about to get better. I can't believe AI can't already do a lot of this stuff. Corel Draw could do it years and years ago. Might just start enjoying working in AI now.

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good to see some plug-ins, not as many around as during the time of Kai Krause. Thanks for sharing.

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            [scott] Level 6

            Yes. Using it here. It's fabulous!

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              I just installed that myself.  It looks like a lot of great functionality that has not been implemented already.

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                Doug Katz Level 4

                Scott, are you liking this more than Xtream Path? Has this replaced Xtream Path for you, or are there continuing uses for both?

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                  [scott] Level 6

                  It doesn't even compare, Doug.


                  VectorScribe is much better. I won't be upgrading XtremePath anymore. XtremePath does have a lot more tools. But for me, they are tools I've never really touched - like the wallpaper stuff.


                  The huge difference is continued dynamics. With XtremePath you get a 1-time shot at, say, rounding a corner and that's it. So you can round, undo, round undo until it's right. With VectorScribe, the corner remains dynamic so at any point in the future I can re-round or adjust something. That's just one example.



                  Here's a 45 second video showing this difference....


                  VectorScribe and XtremePath both seem to live harmlessly next to each other here. Download the trial of VectorScribe and try it for yourself.

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                    Doug Katz Level 4

                    Thanks so much, Scott. As I always take your advice, I'll do so now. But tell me this: The more I look at VectorScribe, the less I see any need for XtremePath anymore! Am I missing some feature XP has that VS doesn't? Right now I'm thinking of just trashing XP and purchasing VS. Your perspectives would be appreciated.


                    And while we're on it, two other questions:


                    1. Did you buy Designer tools or Studio tools?

                    2. Do you also have Phantasm?

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                      [scott] Level 6

                      I have VectorScribe Designer. It has additional tools a la PathScribe (similar to Better Handles plug in or Worker72a's Point control). The designer version is what I'd go for. The price is certainly well within a range that's more than acceptable for all the tools you get, in my opinion.


                      I do have Phantasm as well. That's a completely different feature set though... more color control that path/anchor control. I don't use Phantasm much since the implementation of Live Color, but it's still usefull at times.


                      With VectorScribe there is little need for XtremePath. I still have them both installed but the more familiar I get with VectorScribe they less I need XtremePath.

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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                        It's pretty awesome!



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                          Doug, if you want to be able to round corners like in XtreamPath, you'll need to get the Studio version of VectorScribe. It's the one that includes the "Dynamic Shapes" and "Dynamic Corners" tools.



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                            Doug Katz Level 4

                            Thank you all. Heading for the site again.

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                              Doug Katz Level 4

                              Just got the studio version (what the hell). Two quick questions:


                              1. Is the only way to learn the capabilities via the many (and many good) videos online? No PDF manual or any such guide? Is this how you all are learning?


                              2. What in the world is the folder that the installation drops in the Library>StartupItems folder?! It's called ProTec6b and contains four files (DemoOver; Nalpeirond6b; Protec6b; and StartupParameters.plist). Obviously it's about registration in part because if you remove it, the plug-in worn't run. But WHY oh WHY in the StartupItems folder of the Library (not even the user Library)? Aren't such files placed in the user's preferences folder?! Why the heck do I have to start up with this folder?

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                                John Stanowski Level 2

                                Their website said that a written manual (or Help file as they call them these days) is on the way. They wanted to release the plugin first. No one wants to write manuals these days!

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                                  [scott] Level 6

                                  Doug... within AI.. Help > Astute Graphics > VecrotScribe > Help.. it'll open the PDF manual.


                                  You can also open the plug in package (via control-click on the plug in itself) and find the PDF in the Resources folder inside the package.


                                  It's not very inclusive right now, but at least it gives you an overall view of the tools. I do think they are working on a more in depth manual.


                                  And I was wrong.. I've the Studio version, not the Designer version.

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                                    Mike Sargent Level 2

                                    I too got the Studio version on the basis of what I read in this thread. As far as I can tell (from limited time playing with it), it really going to speed up my workflow, especially when re-drawing logos from the rubbish that's normally provided.


                                    One problem (and fairly significant one) is that the modifier keys (Shift - Control - Alt) work only about 5-10% of the time (when using an Wacom Intuos 4 tablet) or maybe they work once and then stop functioning, if I revert to using the the mouse it works perfectly, the shame is I use the tablet for the majority of the time. I guess something else is intercepting/blocking the commands. I not done any conclusive testing but Vector Studio seems to scewing up my Wacom preferences (the application prefs set for Illustrator in the Wacom Tablet Properties seems to be re-set to default and the Illustrator preferences seems to end up as prefs for all other programs, I'm pretty sure this has never happened before I installed VectorScribe, I've uninstalled the Wacom software completly, re-set the Wacom prefs, reinstalled the latest Wacom software but it screws up all over again.


                                    System Specs


                                    Illustrator CS4

                                    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

                                    8 GB Ram

                                    2 x 1 GB hard disks


                                    Anybody else experiencing this problem?