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    Anyone else have a sluggish "timeline" problem?


      Anyone else have a sluggish "timeline" problem?    When I'm working on a project and need to zoom in or out of the timeline for editing; I have this frustratingly slow delay as I click my mouse several times.  I've had this issue since day one with my P.E. I've mentioned this before in an earlier post and never got a good answer.  I don't think it is my hardware as it is up to the task and "rendering" is very fast.  With my old PE 3 and a so so PC (dual-core 2 GB RAM) I could toggle/click the timeline button and have much better response.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Elwood  Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Premiere Elements 9