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    There's got to be a better way to do this (RAM preview frustration)

    DigitalSoju Level 1

      I loaded a 1:20 second Full HD clip into after effects. I need to edit the video based on certain sounds in the video and see if I'm matching them up correctly by previewing it with sound.


      The problem is i'm getting frustrated due to After effects not behaving like Premiere. First who thought it was a good idea not to incorporate sound into after effects? Second, I have an i7 sandy bridge processor, and 16 gbs of ram, yet it still takes time to render the ram preview (with no effects on it yet).


      So ram preview is my only option for sound, but the problem is every time I hit ram preview it starts the video all the way from the beginning. This is frustrating as I want to start at a specific point. Imagine having a longer video where the editing needs to take place at the end.


      There are people out there doing a lot more complicated professional projects, what do you guys do to get around this?


      Why can't after effects do some basic things like premiere like render fast with sound? Is it due to Mercury engine and 64 bits?


      This is one of the best products on the market, surely there is a better way to do this right?