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    How do I get .cur cursor background to be transparent?


      I'm trying to create a cursor (meaning mouse pointer) in PS CS3. I downloaded this plug-in: FM91JHTXEYEYF7J6DB.8bi, and can save .cur files. They behave properly as mouse pointers, but the background is white, not transparent. I can save the same files as .gif or .png and the background is transparent. Any tips on what I should do?



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          MTSTUNER Level 6

          Try something like the following:


          1.  File>New  32px x 32 px 8 bit transparent RGB resolution 72


          2.  File>Place (I used a transparent pdf file for the cursor image)

              If you use the place command , uncheck antialias in the tool options bar.

              (if you don't have a transparent image, then select it and then New>Layer via Copy.

               so you can add the black background)


          cursor 1.png


          3.   Ctrl click on the image layer to load a selection around the image, then go

                to Select>Inverse.



          cursor 2.png


          4. Go to the channels palette and click the icon on the bottom that says

              Save Selection As Channel (makes a alpha 1 channel)


          5. Select>Deselect


          6. Fill the bottom layer with black and flatten the image.


          cursor 3.png


          7. Convert to the index color mode Image>Mode>Index Color.



          cursor 6.png


          8. Save as in the cursor format with alpha channels checked in the

              save as dialog.



          cursor 7.png



          Cursor in action: (there is a shadow under the cursor, you just can't see it

                                    in the screenshot)



          cursor 5.png







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            Eilmer Level 1

            Thanks for the detailed response. Since my initial post, I went online and found a freeware app called "RealWorld Cursor Editor." I was able to create the cursor I needed with that, but I'm glad I know how to do it with Photoshop. I'll try that sometime. Thanks again.