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    Enable spawn pages from template

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      Hi all,


      I have a fill-in PDF form (created in Acrobat Pro X) that uses a javascript button to duplicate pages (spawn pages from template).  We got a trial version of LC Reader Extensions ES in order to enable the button to function in Reader.  The problem is, as I understand it, when our evaluation period runs out, the button will stop working in Reader.  Is this true?  The form will be distributed to LESS THAN 500 people- we just want this button to work for everyone.  Is there another way to enable users of Reader to spawn pages from template?


      I don't believe that purchasing the software is an option, as the Adobe Rep on the phone said it would be $10,000 per form. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Charles Myers 4th Level 3

          Sorry, but the functionality you are looking for is not available with the limited Reader Eextensions capability available within Acrobat.  Reader Extensions has a set of rights, and the following rights are available only through the server product (LiveCycle Reader Extensions).  These specific rights are:

          2 - Form Data Import/Export

          5 - Spawn Pages from templates (for PDF page forms, as opposed to XFA dynamic forms)

          9 - Barcoded form data unencrypted

          10 - Browser-based annotations (note that this capability is being deprecated for use with Reader)

          11 - Web services or ODBC access from the form

          12 - Embedded File actions


          [Acrobat enables basic form fillin, signatures, and annotations, as well as the ability to save the document after the data fillin or action has been done]


          In your case, you either need to get a LiveCycle Reader Extensions license or move yourself to LiveCycle Designer-based forms where dynamic forms may do what you'd like.


          I'd suggest a deeper discussion with your salesperson.

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            adamss14 Level 1

            Thanks for the info!