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    Recursive browsing application


      Hello everybody,

      I'm new to Flex and I'd like to know if the following is possible in Flex:


      We need an application for recursive browsing of authors and books (with many-to-many relationship) - this means that first you open a detail of a book B1 and see its authors, here you can then open a detail of an author A1 and see a list of his books (including B1), then you can open a detail of one of his books - let's say book B2, which then offers another list of authors (including A1) and so on...


      As far as I know, this can be done by using:



           <s:State name="BookDetail"/>

           <s:State name="AuthorDetail"/>



      The problem is, that we need cancel button to be able to go back to previous screens - if I open a sequence of details of books and authors B1 - A1 - B2 - A2 - B3 and then click 'cancel' 3 times, I want to land on the detail of author A1...


      Is there any sample application with such behavior? Can you provide any advice where to start?