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    CFC returning CFREPORT as Flashpaper fails in IE

      I've got a report I built with report builder 7.0.2. Works great when viewing from Firefox. Returns a blank page when viewing from IE with Flashpaper only--PDFs and Excel work fine.

      Here's the catch: If I call the report from a cfm template using <CFREPORT>, it will display in IE, but only after clicking on what appears to be a blank flashpaper container. When returning the same report from a CFC, I get a blank HTML page (no flashpaper container or anything). I've deleted and reinstalled the Flash plugin and am running version 9.

      All of these things work fine from Firefox. And while I originally thought this was related to the active content activation issue with IE, I am now seeing that when returning PDFs everything works beautifully, just not when returning Flashpaper and specifically when returning the report from a CFC.

      Any thoughts?