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      • 40. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
        John Strasberg

        I'm working on a Mac, Powerbook 10.6.7. This seems to have worked for me, though I'm still having a problem, as Contribute doesn't access all of my pages when I try to create a draft. This is very strange. Any ideas?

        • 41. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
          Abbie Hoffman's Ghost Level 1

          Well, it worked for a little while. Contribute CS5 is crashing again.


          Luckily, I still have a copy of Contribute 4, that seems to work OK.


          In the meantime, maybe Adobe will contact me regarding the claim I put in and provide a solution to this problem.


          Good luck everyone.

          • 42. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
            Abbie Hoffman's Ghost Level 1

            Ended up doing an uninstall and re-install again. This time I noticed there was a check box asking if I wanted to trash the preference files. This time, I checked it. Did a re-install and Contribute is working again. Contribute tis a very finicky application. I think it's because it checks all the server connections and file locations you've established in the past, and if you've moved anything around on your mac, it gets confused, overloads, and quits. Not unlike some people I know.


            Good luck.

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              John Strasberg Level 1

              I did the same thing, several days ago, checking the remove preferences bos, too, and it reinstalled, and it solved the problem. Thanks for your notification.

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                Writerruth Level 1

                I have now un- and reinstalled Contribute CS5 several times, removing the Preferences file whenever possible. It is still crashing on start up. I am furious - I need this program to work. It was quite reliable until just recently. There must be some reason it no longer is. The crash reports don't explain anything. If the problem is known to Adobe, we are owed an explanation or a fix; preferably both.

                • 45. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
                  Abbie Hoffman's Ghost Level 1

                  Contribute seems to have a permissions problem that became more acute after upgrading my Mac's operating system to 10.6. Hopefully, someone behind the scenes is working on a solution. The support that Adobe supplies boils down to having your problem referred to some guy in India who responds with a scripted suggestion. In this case, to rename the CS5ServiceManager folder as mentioned here. Beyond that, it appears you're on our own.


                  Seems like the Microsoft model of doing business. Release buggy software and force your customers to pay for trouble-shooting to get it fixed.


                  Alas, Adobe needs to get its act together. Web technology is moving fast, and a number of its programs are becoming obsolete because they aren't keeping up with da times. Dreamweaver doesn't render CSS sites correctly, and a number of companies are now offering online CMS's that work better than Contribute. Dreamweaver and Contribute worked well before the web went 2.0. But they haven't kept up with evolving standards.


                  Recently, I've had to suggest an online solution to a client, as opposed to recommending Contribute. It saddens me to have to do that as I've been a loyal Adobe user since the Mac first came out. But loyalty can kill a business if it makes you stick with outmoded tools while your customers ask you to apply current technology.


                  That said, I feel your pain.


                  If you can get, or have a copy, you might consider downgrading to Contribute CS4.

                  • 46. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
                    Writerruth Level 1

                    Since I keep all the software I purchase, I was able to remove Contribute CS5 and reinstall CS4 instead. That is working (at least for now). Fingers crossed ...

                    • 47. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
                      Abbie Hoffman's Ghost Level 1

                      OK, you owe me 100 free words for the tip, Writer Ruth.


                      Wouldn't it be a hoot if Adobe were to admit the truth...'to fix your new CS5 version of Contribute, we recommend you remove it and install an older version until we get the current version fixed.'


                      Wow, then they could just reissue version 4 as version 6. Win-win.

                      • 48. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup
                        Writerruth Level 1

                        Actually, I came up with going back to CS4 all on my own. But I like the idea of calling v4 something new!

                        • 49. Re: Contribute Crashes on Startup

                          Issue is fixed, the update is live. Please read the blog http://blogs.adobe.com/contribute/2011/05/contribute-cs5-launch-issue.html  OR KB article http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/904/cpsid_90427.html for details.

                          • 50. Re: Window 7 Fix

                            I was trying all the different fixes in here and this one finally worked for me. Thank you!




                            Window 7 Fix

                            • Go To:  /users/<user_name>/ AppData\Local\Adobe\Contribute CS5\en_US\Configuration (Delete 'Configuration' folder)
                            • Go To: /user/<user_name>/AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CS5ServiceManager (Delete 'CS5ServiceManager' folder)
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