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    Stuttering Playback in CS5.5

    csgaraglino Level 1

      I just upgraded form CS5 to CS5.5 and now I am having serious issues during playback or preview of my .MOV files from my DSLR.


      Here is what I have tried - with a test after each step - same results.


      Uninstalled CS5.5, run Adobe Cleaner and reinstalled

      Updated Firmware on my Nikon D7000 DSLR

      Updated my Apple QuickTime CODEC

      Added my nVidia 550 Ti to the CUDA Supported List


      What does work:

      All other files, including my HDV .mt2 files.


      Take PP out of GPU and run via software and then render (red to green) I had to force a render though by assigning an effect. With the file raw in the timeline (yellow) I still see the issue. But if I render the file I don't.


      Also, even if the timeline is rendered, the source monitor still shows the issue?

      One other thing, I have tried other .MOV files. I have stock video from Footage Firm and while it seems fine - these are using a Apple Photo JPEG CODEC instead of the H2.64 CODEC of the Nikon file.


      Anyone with thoughts of where I should go next?

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