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    Submitting Pdf form fields to a MySQL database via PhP


      Hi there,


      I have recently created a Pdf in Adobe LiveCycle which looks great, and I have added a submit button which is set up to send all the form data in HTML to a PhP file on the server side. The PhP file then collects the form data and inserts it into my MySQL database.


      When I run this form from Adobe reader or Professional it works great and the new record is inserted in the database. However I am trying to embed the form into a HTML page, which again looks fine, and all other buttons i.e. Save As, Print work fine.


      The submit button however is not working properly now. It inserts a new record into my database, but the fields are blank as if the form data has not been sent or received?


      Can you possibly advise me where i'm going wrong.


      Much appreciated