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    S-Video capture with Premiere Elements

    Captain Slocum

      I have been using Premiere Pro 2 for some time and have always been able to capture video from my Sky Box or a video recorder with my RTX100 Matrox card using the s-video inputs.


      I recently bought a camera with HD capabilities (Sony NEX-5) and bought Premiere Elements because my old PP2 will not recognise HD.


      PE does not recognise my Matrox card so I cannot download that way any more.


      Does anyone know how to download to PE from a video recorder or TV?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can not capture through that capture card into Premiere Elements, Captain.


          For DSLRs, you need to ensure you're using version 9 of Premiere Elements and that you have created a project using the appropriate DSLR project settings.


          You should then attach the camera to your computer via USB and turn it on in Play mode. In Premiere Elements, go to Get Media/From AVCHD or Hard Disk Camcorder to download your video to your hard drive.


          If you have properly set up your project and your video is compatible with the program, when you place your clip on your timeline, it will appear with no red or green lines above it until you apply an effect or transition to it.


          I wish I could give your more specific instructions, but Sony's spec page doesn't give me a lot of information on the format, the dimensions or frame rate of video that this camera uses.

          http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=81985529216661 92716&storeId=10151#overview



          The spec page does imply that the camera shoots in AVCHD. If so, you may need to try one of the AVCHD project presets also. As I've said, once you've selected the correct project settings, the video you place on your timeline will NOT have a red or green line above it until you apply an effect to it.


          Selecting the right project preset is VITAL to a successful editing experience in Premiere Elements.

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            Captain Slocum Level 1

            Thanks Steve. I should have been a bit clearer.


            PE does recognise my Matrox card. My firewire cable connects into it and I then plug my cameras into the firewire cable and download from my Panasonic DV camera and my Sony NEX-5 into PE with no problems. It is the S-Video input to the matrox card it cannot find.


            To make it clear: Matrox card - Input 1: firewire cable. Input 2: S-Video. PP2 will download from both. PE downloads only from firewire - cannot find the S-Video.


            What I was wondering was if there is any way it is possible to input S-Video (the only available form of output)  into PE from a video recorder or Sky box? PP2 does it but not PE.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks for clarifying.


              Premiere Elements can only capture over a Firewire connection, Captain. (Technically, it can also capture over a USB Video Standard input, but this is a bit iffier.)

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                Captain Slocum Level 1

                Sorry, I made a mistake in my last post - my Panasonic camcorder can be used for capture in PE via firewire but not the Sony NEX-5, which of course has a USB port. I was confusing capturing video (as from the camcorder) with downloading a video file (as with the Sony via USB).


                When I bought my last computer and PP2 was new, I bought the Matrox card so I could download from various sources such as video recorders, as well as through the camcorder, and the two work well together.


                I find it odd that PE cannot work with any video capture cards at all. They want you to spend several hundreds on the latest PP I suppose. Good job I did not uninstall PE2, looks like I am still going to need it for some of my non-HD work, which sometimes requires I use snips from old tape video recordings I have.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Most of the Capture cards, Matrox, AJA, Black Magic and some others, are designed to work with PrPro, and their driver support is geared towards the "pro" editors, like AVID, PrPro, FCP, Edius, etc.


                  Most of the limitations come from a lack of driver support for PrE, by the mfgrs. It's not usually an Adobe thing.


                  Good luck, and glad that you still have PrPro 2.0 around.



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >odd that PE cannot work with any video capture cards at all


                    Going from Premiere (any flavor) to a digitizing card (any flavor) requires a device driver to act as a BRIDGE between software and hardware


                    The hardware vendor (which, of course, knows the hardware) is the one to write that device driver


                    If the hardware vendor does not write a device driver for a specific version of Premiere... Premiere is not able to use that hardware


                    The Pinnacle Dv500 that I used with Premiere 6x was never updated by Pinnacle for any version of Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements

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                      Ted Smith Level 3

                      In general I find it better to download/capture video to a file using the original application for each device and not use PE9 to capture.


                      I have an old DV tape camera and a solid memory HD camera and use the different software that came with each camera to create the files on my Hard disk.

                      The old Sony SD DV tape camera has a video input that is great for capturing VCR composite video to AVI.   The oiginal Sony software can capture live directly from the tape using firewire as it doesnt know whether DV tape or VCR is playing.


                      Only then do I use these files in PE9 and I never have trouble mixing .h2ts and .AVI formats.


                      You should keep the original software that is most suitable for your capture device (unless PE2 did a better job anyway).

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                        Captain Slocum Level 1

                        Thank you Ted, and thanks everyone, for the replies, all is clear now.


                        I bought PE because I just bought a Sony NEX-5 which produces HD video and PP2 won't handle it.


                        I will take your advice and continue to capture from my old camcorder and from my video tapes with PP2 and import the avi files into PE when I need to mix them with the NEX-5. PE has better output options too.


                        Perhaps a capture card manufacturer will write a device driver for PE one day. I cannot justify buying PP5.5 - and the new computer that would need - as my bread and butter paying work is still photography and web design, and my set-up works fine for that.


                        Thanks again. It is great to be part of such excellent forums (I use the Lightroom and Photoshop forums a lot as well)

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          I completely understand. I come from a still background, though by way of a degree in cinematoghaphy, many, many decades ago. My computers run PS, Painter, and PrPro 2.0 Production Stuio very well. My video clients (before I retired) only needed SD to DVD, so all was well.


                          I am in the process of the major upgrades to the laptop and workstation, so that I can run CS5/CS5.5, which has been sitting in the box for 9 mos. This is just for me, and my plans are for these new computers to be the last that I buy/build. It has gotten cheaper, but not THAT much cheaper, and is still a major outlay of cash. In the process, I will also be acquiring a new HD video camera - again, the last that I plan to buy. I feel your pain, and until it all comes together, will continue with PrPro 2.0, PS CS2 and Painter 9. At my advanced age, I also no longer invest in young Vintage Port (though their prices are falling), or 1er Cru Bordeaux (and their prices are still climbing - what's up with that?), as I will not live long enough to enjoy them 25 years from now!


                          Good luck, and happy editing,