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    PDF to Tiff conversion using 10.0


      Need help with

      converting a color PDF to single B&W group 4 tiff.

      Note that some PDF images are crystal clear, but there are some

      that have a screenshot pasted onto a blank page and these convert

      very light and distorted.  I have used all verions of Acrobat (

      verions 4 to 10).  Any ideas?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is with the original screen capture. Screen captures are frequently done poorly (One conversion). Convert to pdf  (Second conversion). Convert to pdf (third conversion). There might be an additional conversion if the screen capture is embedded into a document before conversion to pdf. It would be best to go directly from screen capture to tiff. Remember each conversion looses information and creates a lower quality graphic. If you are being given the screen capture to convert, you want to make sure that it is handled in a way to maximize its fidelity at each step.


          Having a good screen capture program helps. In recent years, I've used Snagit, Captivate and RoboScreen Capture. When converting to pdf, be sure you choose a setting that maximizes fidelity of your image.  The settings for doing this depend upon the form of your original document (graphic vs text, word or dtp document).


          Now if you have a document and you cannot recreate the pdf so that you image is high quality, there is little you can do to improve the final product within Acrobat. Your best bet is to use a graphics program like Photoshop. However, Photoshop is not magic. It cannot convert poor images to good images, but you can use some tricks in Photoshop to enhance different parts of the the final image before converting to TIFF. If you don't have access to Photoshop you might try GIMP (open source image program). On the Mac programs like Graphics Converter are inexpensive and capable. Graphic Converter will convert entire folders on the fly. But you can work on single files when they need extra attention. I don't know if Photoshop Elements has support of pdf files, so I hesitate recommending it, but Photoshop does have a free trial. It is nothing that you will learn overnight, but simple conversion of a pdf to TIFF should be rather straight forward.


          The one thing you can try before looking at graphics programs is to crop the images before converting to TIFF. But I doubt that this will help greatly.

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            GeorgeHayduke Level 1

            Mr. Kazlow,


              Thankx for the prompt reply.  I have tried some of the software you mentioned below.  They do work, but I will be doing a high volume of conversion (200 to 500 PDF's per day - approx 40K to 60K images per month).  Of all these PDF's, a large majority are five to ten pages that cause no problems.  It is the small amount within the PDF that causing the kink in the plan.  The output tiff's are going to a process stream and they wind up on 16mm roll film using Kodak Archive Writer software.  I have also tried downloading and trying the Adobe LifeCycle Enterprise System, but I think I am missing a small part of the download software.


              FYI - We are high volume scanning facility in St. Louis, MO. and we utilize multi types of software depending on customers requirements.


              Any suggestions?


              Thankx in advance,