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    how do I handle SQLStatement errors?

    Kristin95762 Level 1

      I'm having trouble with the SQLErrorEvent.ERROR. I just want to open an alert window, but I get a Error#1010 A term is undefined and has not properties.


      I assume this error occurs precisely because there is no selectedItem, but how do I handle the error when that is the case?


      This solution needs to be as simple as possible because I'm pretty green.


      private function removeAuthorRecord():void


      removeAuthorStmt = new SQLStatement();

      removeAuthorStmt.sqlConnection = conn;



      var sql:String = "DELETE FROM authors3 WHERE authorID = " + authorsList.selectedItem.authorID;



      removeAuthorStmt.text = sql;


      removeAuthorStmt.addEventListener(SQLEvent.RESULT, removeAuthorResult);

      removeAuthorStmt.addEventListener(SQLErrorEvent.ERROR, errorRemoveAuthor);





      private function errorRemoveAuthor(event:SQLErrorEvent):void


      Alert.show("Please pick an author to delete");