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    Bulleted list


      Typographically can someone confirm what is the correct way to do a bulleted list for print in a paragraph of text:


      For example:


      This is my bullet list heading

      • Bullet 1
      • Bullet 2
      • Bullet 3


      Continuation of paragarph blah blah





      This is my bullet list heading


      • bullet 1
      • bullet 2
      • bullet 3


      Continuation of paragraph


      Basically would you bold the the title and run the bullets with one 'return' and a 1mm space after each bullet? or put double returns in.


      Hopefully someone can help and even suggest the proper/correct way to do this.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You may also consider bold italic for the title and the bullets without indentation, maybe with an increased leading before and after the bullet list, to mention some of the (other) options.


          You may say that basically, what looks right, is right.

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            jdpetty Level 1

            This is quite old now so probably no longer current. However. Taking your examples very literally, there is no full point after bullet list heading, therefore the bullet 1 would not need capitalising. If bullet 1 ends with a full point then strictly speaking bullet 2 should be capitalised. You have capitalised Continuation of paragraph but, following the same rule, this would be correct only if bullet 3 ended with a full point. Having (for example) bullet 1 followed by Bullet 2 may be correct but can look odd and I have resolved this issue myself in the past by leaving out all full points except for the last bullet point, or ending each bullet point with a full point.