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    Submit by email button


      I have created a really awesome form using Adobe LiveCycle. I inserted a "Submit by Email" button in the form which attaches the form (as pdf) to the email and populates my email address in the "To:" Field with Outlook.  I tested this thing out a million times and it works perfectly. So i went ahead and sent it out to my distribution list. So far no one has been able to send the attachment. They have all been resulting in faxing it to me.  Nothing happens when they click on this button. I was think that this may have something to do with them only having Reader? and not the full version of Adobe? It did work for one other person in my office, but they have the full verison. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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          Did you enable the reader extensions?  From what you are saying, it

          doesn't sound like you have and so those with Reader are having the issues


          You may need to take your form into Acrobat and "enable Reader Extensions"

          - the way you do this depends slightly on the version of Acrobat you are

          running but you should be able to find it in the help system.  If not,

          write back