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    Finding Project While in Encore

    dgfitzpat Level 1

      I am able to burn a DVD by from Premiere Pro CS5 by going File-->Adobe Dynamic Link-->Send to Encore.  Once I get into Encore, two items are AUTOMATICCLY listed in the Project panel. Under "Type" they read:  "Timeline" and "Premiere Pro Sequence."  I am then able to create the DVD and all is well.  But here's the challenge.  I don't always want to get into Encore by first opening Premiere Pro and then dynamically linking to Encore.  What I really want to do sometime is to bypass Premiere Pro (for a project that ALREADY EXISTs) and simply open Encore.  When I do this (open Encore without first opening PP) I am unable to locate the two files that Encore needs to create my DVD.  Where can I find these two files so that I can bring them in directly from Encore (without first having to open PP)?