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    Disappointed in Adobe CS5.5 Upgrade


      I just purchased the upgrade from CS3 Production Premium to CS5.5 Master Collection and am very disappointed... and haven't even installed it yet.

      The box from the Adobe Store came with NO manuals, not so much as a scrap of paper that said hello.Just 3 discs in a little box and a note about not running on win 32-bit..

      I'm looking at my CS3 box and it's about 2 feet long and all the manuals are dog-eared and well used...

      So I called Adone and they said they would be happy to sell me a bunch of training... They no longer include manuals with their products.

      Really? No manuals?  Now I have to spend another $500 on manuals?

      I'm very disappointed... May have to just send it back.. At least I know how to work CS3...

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Nobody includes dead tree manuals anymore. The PDFs are available on line and I believe they're included on the DVDs as well.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Bob said, ever since CS4 Adobe does no longer provide printed manuals except for "Getting started" guides in the suites. All documentation is available online as HTML and downloadable PDFs.



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              typpeo Level 1

              I'm disappointed that we have to pay $550 to upgrade our package from CS5 to CS5.5 per licence. Not all the programs have been updated to 5.5 and the ones that have don't even look like that big of changes were made. Adobe hasn't even fixed all the major issues with CS5, we still use CS4 because of all the problems. Good job Adobe, way to keep your loyal customers happy.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                And specifically? You know, software development is a matter of limited human, technical and financial resources like developing a new car model and you can't make everyone happy. Nobody is forcing you to upgrade and unless you can more specifically explain what you want to see fixed (and address it to the right people to begin with e.g. by using the bug report/ feature request form), I'm afraid this doesn't give you a lot of credit. Yes, there are deficiencies in many products, but do you really think nobody is aware of them and doesn't want to fix them? It may just not be possible for a team of 20 people working on applications with millions of lines of program code to fix everything. Even the best programmer can only do so much on a day. It's the nature of the thing and just in case you are pulling that argument: There is no way to ever get a perfect app. People simply want new features and would not accept for a company to just "fix" existing software, because it would mean that after 2 cycles you are working with outdated, non-competitive products and migrate to another product, no matter how reliable and stable. The rest is beside the point - you may not see much in CS5.5, but I know enough peopel going crazy about the Warp Stabilizer in AE alone and I would imagine that there are similalrly enough peopel out there eager for new features in other programs.



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                  typpeo Level 1

                  Firstly, I have posted bug reports and posted about the specific issues in the AE forums with no responses. My specific issues is related to After Effects \ Media Encoder and the way CS5 encodes h.264 and other files. I'm not going to get into the specifics since this isn't the right place for this discussion.


                  Adobe has a horrible record when it comes to updating its products and producing bug fixes. Most normal companies release fixes monthy however with Adobe we seem to get a fix maybe once or twice a year. The way they fix an issue is release a new product. (I've been using Adobe since Premiere 4.2) I believe CS1 was a huge example of this, we didn't use CS1 because of all the issues it had between Premiere and After Effects. We purchased it but ended up not using it and going right to CS2.


                  Really, the biggest issue I have is that every time a new product comes out be it CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 (that's 6 products in 8 years) we the users have to redo our workflows because something is broken. We scramble and ask for a fix and it never happens so we have to rework everything because Adobe won't fix the problem. Then we have to buy the next suite because they claim the issue is fixed and again another issue arises.


                  As far as updating and fixing old software versus developing net new. That's really not my problem and that's really a BS excuse to give to a company. I'm pretty sure every other successful company does it and doesn't have an issue. If you have that many products you sure as hell better have a huge staff to support it. I get Final Cut updates on my Mac on a regular basis (no I'm not a fan boy, I prefer AE and APP). Microsoft still was doing updates to XP until a few months ago  (that's a 10 year support cycle). Instead of 5.5 being a purchasable upgrade it should have been just a major update. People who have been long time supporters of the product set would have been extremely happy and would be more likely to purchase CS6 when it comes out. I have no desire to upgrade my team to 5.5 when I know 6 will be out in less then another year. I'm sure a lot of people and companies will do that samething.


                  Can you honestly say that the few changes in the 5.5 update really warrents a $550 upgrade? If anything Warp Stabilizer should have been an addon product. That way people who needed\wanted it could buy it for $50 or whatever it is. Now that 5.5 is out Adobe will have less reason to fix anything in 5. You can't just purchase one of the 5.5 upgrades because you like what it offers you have to buy the full CS package.


                  On top of all of this Adobe is now introducing a subscription plan where I no longer own the software. $1550 for a year of this service where I will get "free" upgrades and fixes. I hope this model fails miserably because this is just another example of Adobe trying to rip people off.


                  So yeah, that's a long rant and all but becasically what it comes down to is 6 products in 8 years...

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    The subscription model is an OPTION, not a requirement.


                    Great for agencies that need to hire a temp for month or two.



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                      I also am extremely disappointed in Adobe and their update (a.k.a. upgrade) from CS5 to CS5.5. I bought their software (CS5) at the end of February 2011 and called Adobe support to see about a free update/upgrade. I talked with several people at Adobe and they said that I missed the upgrade window by a couple of weeks and there was nothing they could do. They offered to sell me the upgrade for a half a grand. My biggest concern is whether Adobe will continue to fix bugs and update CS5, or did I just buy a Saturn two weeks before the car factory closed. Thumbs down Adobe!

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                        Charles Bargar Level 1

                        "Continue to fix bugs?"  They haven't fixed bugs I reported way back in CS4.  For example: Audio tracks are randomly truncated when using the multiplexer option in Media Encoder.  The only time I got any results from Adobe support was when I had a problem with Media Encoder not starting from Premiere after an "update".  Adobe support DIDN'T solve it, though.  I found an answer on the forums to add a shortcut to Media Encoder in the Adobe Premiere program directory.  The only answer that Adobe phone support would give was their "scripted" solution:  "Re-partition your hard drive, and install CS5 on your C drive."  If I could find another video processing system that has the same functionality I'd be an EX Adobe customer.  But, so far, I'm stuck with CS5.  Looks like CS5.5 only adds "eye-candy" updates for Web-type applications.  Encore needs some real improvements, but no update for it in CS5.5.

                        By the way, I'm a software engineer.  The company I work for makes bug fixes their FIRST priority, ships fixes to the reporting customer for verification, THEN issues an update to all customers.

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                          Alex - DV411 Level 2

                          I hear you and I agree.  This should have been done differently.  At the same time, Adobe is a public company whose principals aren't controlling shareholders (as with Google) and don't enjoy virtually unlimited power as is the case with Apple's Jobs.  Adobe's key decision makers' first priority is making their shareholders happy, and only 2nd - their customers.  Which unfortunately we see clearly with the 5.5 upgrade.


                          At the same time, if you think Adobe is evil - try Intuit.  Adobe at least does release new software like CS5.0 with superior functionality and stability and allows existing clients to upgrade fairly inexpensively.  Intuit's sole purpose on the other hand is to lock you in and force you to upgrade at pretty much full prices every few years by refusing to fix grave compatibility problems.


                          So keep in mind that Adobe is striving to do their best to address both shareholders' and customers' concerns and well-being and actually does do a pretty good job at that given the economy.

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                            I suppose if Adobe’s strategy is to wear people out by keeping them on hold for hours at a time, then disconnecting them without ever answering the call, they are doing a bang up job.  If perhaps Adobe is trying to create an atmosphere where people vow to never again purchase from Adobe, they are batting a thousand.  If Adobe is trying to continue to produce world class software on must wonder why they will not fix Creative Suite 5.5.


                            Adobe has a problem with CS5.5 and I have numerous case numbers associated with trying to get the software installed on our second computer (a laptop used by our interns in our office).  When the software is installed on a second computer it always reverts to the trail version.  I've run the Adobe Cleaner Tool and repeatedly reinstalled the software.  The problem persists.  I've spend hours on the phone and have numerous case numbers.... but sadly, no solution.


                            Adobe just isn't responding to this issue and that makes me feel like they are treating customers like crap.  I hope others will post their experiences here as well as on external websites, Facebook, and Twitter until Adobe finally does something about this problem.


                            1. Jan. 2, 2012

                            Your Adobe IDYour Case Number: 0182880491

                            1. Dec. 28, 2011

                            Your Adobe ID:Your Case Number: 0182889376

                            1. Dec. 23, 2011 – second call on the same day

                            Your Adobe IDYour Case Number: 0182880491

                            1. Dec. 23, 2011

                            Your Adobe ID

                            Your Case Number: 0101305995



                            I have tried numerous times to resolve this problem with Adobde.  I’ve tried calling a number that never answers 800-833-6687 which also says, “to avoid waiting on hold, request a callback from the first available agent. You can also schedule a callback for a more convenient time.” Get a grip Adobe, this call back feature doesn’t even work!


                            Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 10.30.10 AM.png

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                              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                              No need to spit venom. I replied to your question elsewhere and if you're seriously interested in solving your problems, I recommend you stick there. Nothing is served by scattering your frustration all over the place.



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                                Charles Bargar Level 1

                                Just got back to this...  I'm a retired software engineer....company will remain anonymous.   I know about bug fixes - made a lot of them.  Our product ran on ALL major hardware/software platforms, from Linix -> Windows -> OS/400 -> z/OS. The first thing the company responded to was errors in the product.  If you don't AT LEAST TRY to handle the problem, you lose customers, and that results in less revenue for your stockholders.  Our policy was: 1.  ANSWER THE PHONE with an ENGLISH speaking person.  (All our service was done in the US - no oursourcing of the support system, and development personell were made available to assist the service department.) 2.  Respond to the customer (with an answer) within 24 hours.      The answer consisted of either a workaround, temp bug fix, or a schedule for fixing the problem.      Only trival problems or enhancement requests were "put off" until the next major release. 3.  If the error was serious, provide a fix as soon as possible (for critical errors, 24 hours).  I burned some midnight oil meeting that commitment. 4.  Provide periodic maintenance releases for non-serious problems -- what Adobe does for updates.  But, we provided them on a regular basis.  Adobe doesn't seem to do ANY of these.  Once the sale is made, to hell with the customer.  Their phone support personell can't handle problems if it doesn't fit within the "canned script".

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                                  I just ordered upgrade too and sadly remember the 'good old days' when giant software companies USE TO not just include printed manuals but make an effort to make them something you would want to read. I still have my manual from Word Perfect and Microsoft's early version of DOS. Both came is three ring binders, the paper was glossy. Now, you get a stupid PDF file that would cost a fortune to print out in total, especially for something as extensive as the the production version or CS 5.5 which includes 7 major software releases. Oh well, what can you do. The reality is few people read manuals. Their loss. I ALWAYS read manuals.


                                  What you said about "support" is sadly also true. The typical "support" today is buy the latest version which of course contains a new crop of bugs with many of the old ones still not address or the Microsoft model. Bugs? You found bugs!! No, those are really features of the application. LOL!

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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Did you need help with something or did you just want to rant?





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                                      -Rory- Level 1

                                      Hello all, I'm the Original Poster of this thread.

                                      I wish there was some way I could change the title as I am SO VERY HAPPY with CS5.5 as a "product". It's just the lack of manuals I found frustrating... So I'm keeping royalties flowing to all the 3rd party authors out there. I love books. I actually published my 3rd book using InDesign instead of Word. That was pretty darn simple, especially also converting to a Kindle book with the Kindle Plugin...

                                      The Rotobrush in AE and the smart fill in Photoshop have saved me more hours than I thought possible.

                                      I've used Flash Catalyst to mockup an industrial control application and just generally find myself using almost all the tools in the suite.

                                      So, anyone know how I can close this thread?


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                                        BB-Chicago Level 1

                                        Apparently YOU  Bob Levine are the one that likes to rant, so you richly deserve my following response:


                                        I'm expressing MY opinion. If you are so stuck-up you can't handle it or are suffering from some delusion you are the official monitor or gatekeeper, I pity blowhards like you. Obvious you have no life if you have time to respond almost 20,000 times in some backwater forum. I am not attacking Adobe or anyone. I'm simply expressing my view; that lack of support in the form of printed manuals is a decided mistake, the wrong direction, especially when the software you are buying is complex and costs close to or past the $1,000.00 mark.


                                        Thanks so much for making me feel welcome. I love stuffed shirts like you and their endless pontificating and grandstanding.Now go sulk in a corner.

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                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          I asked a simple question. Many people come here to rant thinking they are directing it at Adobe. They're not.


                                          This is a user to user forum so you're ranting at other users. If that was your aim, good for you, you've accomplished it....twice.


                                          If you want help, then ask for it along with full details of the problem and we'll try to help you.


                                          All of the manuals are available in PDF format by simply hitting F1 to get to the help. Look in the upper right corner and you'll find a link to download them.



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                                            BB-Chicago Level 1

                                            Sadly "customer support" is often spotty or like in this case awful. Just because I can and feel I should let me review how HARD it was for me to just purchase CS 5.5. I wanted to for almost a year, going back to version 5.0, but the cost was too steep. So I jumped on the 50% off offer I got from Adobe in an email. I talked to some very polite and knowledgeable sales rep using the Adobe chat feature and decided on which version best suited my needs.  I went with the  Production version. So far, so good.


                                            The sales rep provided a link to order from. I click on it. Click what I want.. error, invalid password. You need a freaking password to spend over $900.00 with sales tax? Oh nuts, waste five minute hunting for my old email to find my #($($@ Adobe password. Enter it. Still rejects it. I'm getting annoyed. Sales rep still there. He suggests "customer support". Also via chat. I go there. The usual song and dance, tells us your name, address, phone, email address, when was you last bowel movement, what's your favorite color, blah,, blah. Ok, kidding on the last two, but needless. Remember I'm responding to an Adobe email to buy at a discount, so obviously I'm in their system.


                                            So the customer support person wants to send me another email, one that has the password, I protest, telling her I found the orignal and used the password from it. Pointless to argue with customer service. So I get the new email. Exact same thing I tried. I tell her. She says try again. I do. Same result, Invalid password. Now I'm getting pissed-off. I remind the lady I'm only trying to BUY some of your software and your stupid half-*** ordering system won't let me, you are about to lose the sale!


                                            She now says you got to change your password. Why I ask, I just want to buy the damn software, screw the password, I'll worry about that later. I lose that argument. Ok, send me that email. I wait and wait, it don't come. Remember I'm still on chat with both the sales rep and in another windows the custom service person. I tell the sales rep what's going on, he asks what's her name I'll talk to her. Wait. About ten minutes later a get the email basiclly reset your password. Oh alright already I do.


                                            I try to new password. Anyone really surprised that one was rejected too? She says try again. I do. Finally! I get to the next step, guess what, it shows up on the order form at full price. I protest. She says you need to enter as "special" promotion code. I told her I did. She says try again. I do. Finally almost 30 minutes of Mickey Mouse back and forth BS just to order.


                                            Adobe... are you listening?  Fix your half-*** password and ordering system!

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                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                              Can't argue with you about the quality of customer support. And to be honest with you, I always point folks to Amazon to buy the software.


                                              I wish there something I could to help but this one is outside my capabilities. I'm just a volunteer user here, not an employee.