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    Is it possible to purchase a used, deactivated copy of creative suite cs3 from a seller?


      Hi folks, I am shopping on eBay for computer related items, and I see many people are selling used copies of Adobe Creative Suite CS3 for example. Is it legal, and possible to purchase a used copy if the seller properly "deactivates" the software? Or is this only for his/her use on a second computer? My guess is that the deactivation feature allows the original purchaser only to use the software on a second, new computer . . . and not intended for the original purchaser to SELL the software to a new person . . . I'd love to be able to buy a copy used, but is this possible? Most versions are Educational versions too, in case this makes a difference. Help anyone? These sellers don't seem to have a clue about it other than to say they are "deactivating" the software and it will ask "me" for a serial number off the box. I think registration and installation utilize the internet and keeps track of the name of the original purchaser?