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    lightroom changing date stamps (or more) on unopened files??


      I routinely backup my catalog to an external drive, and then I sync all the folders with images to the same drive. I have done this ever since starting with Lightroom a long time ago, with no problems. Last night, I backed up the catalog (LR 3.4), and afterwards, I set up a sync. There should have been 50+ deletions and a smaller number of additions, the latter mostly XMP files. I got those, but the synch software also said it needed to update roughly 2000 additional files. Windows confirmed that the date stamps of these files had been changed. These were all jpgs or XMP files, not raw files. I had not done anything with any of these 2000 extra files. Some I had not touched since December of 2008! Could LR have changed the date stamps of these files, or done some other modification, while updating the catalog for it's backup? I have never experienced anything like this before, and now I am uncertain which version of the 2000 files to keep.


      Thanks for any thoughts.