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    Online Mastering Studio Website - Mastering Samples Music Player Implementation


      Hey all,


      I am currently working on a website project for an online mastering studio. The current site will be completely rebuild from the ground up and the company is looking for a music player where you can A/B the original music with the mastered music. There are a number of ways to do this, but does anyone of you have any experience with music players where you can switch between two audio files being played?


      Would you recommend a Flash Player or rather go with a HTML5 javascript player in this case? Would a HTML5 player be save anyway?


      Here is the link to that company I am doing the project for, they have some Flash objects running at the moment already: Online Mastering Studio | Supreme Mastering


      Any ideas what player to use and which player you can modify to fit the style of the company's website and CI?


      There is one player I am really loving the design of, but I have no clue what player it is. Here is a link to that player in use: Musikmanagement - ArtistScout Musikagentur The player is implemented on the artist pages, have a look at one of the "Künstler" pages and then select "Musik". The player really looks like the player Apple uses on their iTunes preview sites. Any idea what player that is? It definitely uses flash thats for sure and I am lowing the style of it.


      Thanks for your help!