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    HELP: Spent hours/days trying to fix transcoding error in DVD burn

    FireStone987 Level 1

      I'm at my wit's end. Been 'round and 'round online help, troubleshooting randomly, etc.  After my movie is edited in Premiere Elements 3.0 I try to burn it in Create DVD.  Each time I try I get transcoding error at 31.69% and the message that Adobe has failed to return a video frame.  I've gone over the rendered video and especially at about the 34-minute mark but cannot find problem.


      I took original footage in Flip camera, converted the file to .wmv with Prism Video Converter, as I always do, and the first version of this movie burned with no trouble.  I came back and added a clip, also in .wmv format, and now it won't burn.  Seriously, I'm going crazy and would love to be able to chat by phone so someone can walk me through it.  This video is for a workshop that I lead and people are waiting for it.


      Can anyone help me?