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    **Transferring project to new computer - EMPTY FILE FOLDERS??

    npaglia7 Level 1

      I had a previous post on render issues...the render was coming out   very glitchy and fuzzy and like nothing I've experienced before...


      So what I'm doing now is taking my CS4 project and transferring to a much better computer...that has CS5 Premiere Pro.


      The project opens up fine but when it asks for the files - and I locate them on external hard drives...the folders are empty.


      The files of these folders are absolutely fine and present when I open them from the hard drive on the computer.


      I   also transferred the files from the hard drive to the desktop of the   new computer and the files are present when I open from desktop.


      The only issue is when I'm in CS5...it's saying the folders are empty but they're definitely not.


      This   doesn't occur for all the files...I grabbed some images (still images)   without a hitch...but the video's aren't pulling up and the voice  over,  music and sound FX aren't either...


      So basically the only thing that works are the images.


      I think I've experienced something like this in the past but I don't remember how I fixed it.


      What's this all about and how do I correct it immediately.


      The quicker the input the better....so I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could get back super quick!


      Thanks - I really appreciate the help

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          I'm not sure, but perhaps PrPro won't recognize them if the proper codecs aren't installed? Have you tried creating a FRESH project and importing them that way?

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            npaglia7 Level 1

            the only codecs that are in there are animation, AVI, and MP4...


            so those should already be installed right?


            I haven't tried creating a fresh project...what would that tell me if that worked?


            Thanks - I need as much help as possible as soon as possible, need to figure this out today or by tomorrow...the latest

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5
              ...and I locate them on external hard drives...the folders are empty.


              This seems a bit contradictory.
              If you located the files, then the folders aren't empty.


              Try skipping offline media files when you open the project,
              then relink media from within the project by selecting the
              missing media, right-click>Link Media.
              Then navigate to the location of the media files and link.

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                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                Well, AVI and MP4 are just wrappers, not codecs... There's a great article somewhere here on the forums about codecs vs wrappers, and what you need to do to determine your specific codec and if your machine has it. I've got all that info on my office computer, but I'm home and don't have quick access to it, but a quick google search with your domain set to this forum should give you those links.


                Anyway, creating a fresh project and trying to import your media there will tell you if Premiere really does have the proper codecs installed, and tell you quickly. One option (if you can't get your original project to work) would be to create a new project, import your media, and then import that project into your original one... then you'd have to go through and manually re-link your media (by doing right-click in the timeline/replace with clip from bin, making sure the proper clip in the bin is highlighted each time). It'd be a pain, but at least you'd get your media back in.


                Now, another thought has occurred to me, though--is it possible that your files have changed name in any way? I mean any way at all?. When you're in the process of trying to find your original media, you'll see a checkbox in the browser window that says "show only matching files." If that box is checked, it won't show ANYTHING else but files that EXACTLY match the name of your original... it can be a huge help to have that box checked if you're looking through a folder with a ton of files that have similar names, but it can also be a pain--and I've found that it doesn't always work--sometimes it will show nothing when I know the file's there.


                So the first thing you need to do is go back into the re-linking media section and make sure that box isn't checked. If that doesn't work, try the new project. If that doesn't work, then you need to go find that article that describes codecs vs wrappers, and download the proper program to determine what codecs you have installed on this new system. That program should be linked from that discussion.


                Good luck!

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                  npaglia7 Level 1

                  Joe - it may seem contradictory but that's the case...


                  I have folders that are named exactly what premiere pro is looking for and within those folders are video's with the exact same name but the video's aren't present within the folder.


                  I tried relinking media but the folders are still empty

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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    have you checked to make sure that box isn't checked?



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                      npaglia7 Level 1

                      David, thanks for the help...I really appreciate it.


                      The file names have not changed at all...that's a key point to bring up, however...nothing has changed so we can eliminate that.


                      I'll try creating a new project...should I just copy/paste the timeline contents into new project - then link media?


                      How do you mean "and then import that project into your original one" ...create a new project, with all newly imported media and then go back to original project and import the new project into it?


                      would it be easier to do what I outlined above (copy/paste)...first off, I'd need to see if it can even import what's missing on the original project...


                      I'll check out the wrappers/codecs...thanks for that...


                      Thanks again - please, anymore suggestions/knowledge anyone else has on the topic would be super helpful.

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                        davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                        Well, you could go either way--create a new file and import your old one for to bring in the timelines, or create a new file and import it into your old one for access to the media. Really six of one/half dozen of another honestly.


                        That's just a really odd problem to be having--doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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                          npaglia7 Level 1

                          David - wanted to let you know that your suggestion worked...well kind of


                          I found out that the issues were mainly with my computer - regarding the original post about intermittant fuzziness.


                          About the files not importing/folders showing up but not the files...


                          I opened an original  project. When I did that, the files within the folders magically...were  present.


                          But it wasn't that easy.


                          I  had to get the original project into the newly created project so  the  easiest way that worked was copying and pasting the original  project  into the new project timeline.


                          But then, the files didn't show up again after I did this...


                          So  I forget what I did because I went through a ton of attempts but  I  finally got the files to show up and I linked each piece of media  with  the timeline elements.


                          All but one of the media elements linked.


                          It gave me an error message for the one that didn't:



                          The  selected file does not contain video media used by clip references in  one or more sequences. These video clip references will be deleted, and  cannot be undone. Do you want to continue?



                          That was an AVI video that didn't import but the rest of the AVI's with the exact same settings did import.


                          And the  computer I was on didn't play AVI video's (only the audio) -  which is what about 3 of the video elements in the timeline were  composed of. I donwloaded  codec's from DivX and I think Microsoft  codecs and maybe one more set of  codecs that all were supposed to have  AVI within them but the computer  still only played the audio.


                          So I rendered that portion (video file that didn't  import) on old  computer at super high data rate to combat the fuzziness  and brought  that video into the timeline and went on with the rest.


                          So I don't know what was up but I kept going til I found a way.


                          Thanks for your help David and everyone else

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                            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                            Ok, your other problem (with it not finding the video references) is due to

                            a clip that is somehow corrupted. That happened to me with a number of

                            pieces of RED 4k footage I had when I made the migration from CS4 to CS5.

                            The fix is pretty painless, too. I'll shamelessly copy and paste the fix

                            solution from Colin, who gave it to me back in October of last year...


                            here's the fix:


                            Download MPEG Streamclip, and unzip it--no install needed. The latest beta

                            version is fine.

                            Open one of the broken files in MPEG Streamclip.

                            Select File > Save As, and select a new save location. You probably want to

                            keep the file name the same as the original (this is the default).

                            Hit OK.



                            For more background on that problem, check out my thread here: