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    Suddenly getting "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" on certain sites.


      Problem Description

      I'm suddenly getting the message "Navigation to the webpage was  canceled" when trying to test certain sites in BrowserLab:  http://spdr.me/xBdc


      Here is a list of sites I'm having the problem with:


      Steps to Recreate

      1. Open the main BrowserLab interface.
      2. Enter http://demo.silverstripe.org as the site to test
      3. Click the Refresh Screenshots button


      • This happens every time, on the above sites.
      • I am using Firefox 4.0.1, on Mac OS X 10.6.7, but I don't believe this is a problem at my end.


      Expected Results

      I should see a screenshot of the site.


      Actual Results

      The screenshot just shows "Navigation to the webpage was  canceled":  http://spdr.me/xBdc Or when switching to Firefox, just a blank white screen.


      Further Information

      • The sites load fine when trying to access them in a web browser.
      • The thing all these sites have in common is that they use the SilverStripe Content Management system.
      • I have been using SilverStripe on my sites for over a year, and have  never had this problem with BrowserLab until the last week or so.

      • Other websites such as microsoft.com and bbc.co.uk load fine.