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    HTML link to bookmark in pdf file

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I use the following suffix on an html link in order to link to a specific page within a pdf file:  #page=15  This works but I need to know go one step further and link to a specific bookmark within the pdf. I use the following suffix to try to do this:  #bookmark name  The above syntax doesn't work because the bookmarks all have spaces in their names. Apparently it's supposed to work if I remove the spaces from the bookmark names but this isn't practical because I'm generating the pdf out of Indesign and the bookmarks in the resulting pdf are just a reflection of the table of contents in Indesign. I can't remove the spaces from the TOC entries just so that there's no spaces in the bookmarks in the pdf.


      So I need some sort of workaround and wondered if anyone would have any suggestions. Is there some acrobat script or any other solution to this problem?


      Really appreciate any help.