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    Connect to Data/Service


      okay, when I installed flash Builder on my Eclipse project, everything was on my one computer.  The server, the service, the IDE, and now Flex.  So everything was working fine.  Although when I wanted to introspect, I always had to disable my ethernet port eitherwise it would take hours to introspect.  Well, now I installed glassfish to a server.  I was able to connect to the remote server via Eclipse and publish my web service.  But Flex is pointing to the service on my computer.  So, I started to connect to the service on the remote web service and its introspecting and it looks like it will take hours as usual because I can not disable my eithernet port because its how I am talking to the server.  So first would be, does anyone know of a work around when introspecting on a remote server.  This is a known bug.  Well, unless they fixed it in 4.5.  I am using 4.  Second, Surely there is a way that I could have not had to re-introspect the service but rather just pointed flex to where the new server was.  Otherwise, how would someone who I ship my program too be able to connect to their web service.  Would someone open the door to this so maybe in the future, I wouldnt have to go through the hours of waiting.  And I will know how to deploy this to a client.

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          Found the answer


          Once you create the dev version of DataConnection, it created a service for that bean.  inside that service is a reference to the wsdl.  All you have to do is change that reference to the remote server and walla your working.  Didnt need to instrospect any longer.  Cool huh.  Now all  I need to do is learn how to run my app on my server.