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    Best format to export 1920x1080i clips that will undergo additional editing?

    Webshark2000 Level 1

      We have a client that brought us AVCHD MTS files to be edited.  We did some adjustments (audio, color, brightness) and some basic editing to them, but they now plan to send them to another company for final editing and DVD authoring.  What is the best format I should send them in to keep from losing any quality, but still keeping the file sizes managable?


      I was thinking of outputting to h.264 M4V files, but I don't know how easily those can be edited in other systems, such as Final Cut or Vegas and I don't know what editing software this other company will be using.


      Would an MPEG2 file be better?




      *The original footage is 1920x1080i, 29.97, square pixels at an average of about 9,000 kbps.