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    memory size

    BBrustol Br Level 1

      Is a possible change the memory size?


      I now the limite is 10Mb. Is a possible change this number???

      But my app is very big. on the start allocate 7Mb.




      Bruno Brustoloni e Oliveira

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There used to be a limit of 10MB for the size of an App Store app for it to be downloadable over 3G. That limit is now 20MB. If your app is bigger than 20MB then it will need to be downloaded over w-fi. The app itself can be as big as you need it to be.

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            JimTheKing Level 1

            Are you talking about memory on the iPhone or the size of an app file?

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              BBrustol Br Level 1

              I talk about ram memory.

              My app have more of 80Mb of size. on start app my virtual memory goto 8 our 9Mb. after load I use System.gc() to clean the memory. And my memory go back to 7.04Mb.


              I put a text file inside de app to see the memory. have a trace for this. Here the code.

              var freeMem:String = Number( System.freeMemory / 1024 / 1024 ).toFixed( 2 ) + "Mb";;
              var mem:String = Number( System.totalMemory / 1024 / 1024 ).toFixed( 2 ) + "Mb";


              But my ipad make a crash after make some actions.


              I dont know make for fixed this error.


              I run inside the flash and dont have errors. Crash only ipad.

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                JimTheKing Level 1

                Well since it crash only on iPad, maybe it is a metter of bitmap not optimised enough...

                Where did you read about that 10 mb memory limit?

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                  BBrustol Br Level 1

                  I don't remember.


                  My app crash all time.

                  I dont know to do.


                  I create a "photo view" with animation. I have more of 1000 images inside the app.


                  I try use tweenLite and now tweenNano.

                  But both make a crash.

                  If dont use, my app is make ok.


                  I try use enterFrame.

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                    BBrustol Br Level 1

                    I issue the problem


                    I had images more with 10Mb to load in one MC.


                    I dont know this a really problem but issue my problem.